• Course Description:

    The primary content emphasis for this course pertains to the study of the concepts and processes of economics in the American system. Content will include, but is not limited to Fundamental Economic Concepts, Economic Systems and Decision Making, Business Organizations, Microeconomics, Prices and Markets, Demand, Supply, Prices and Decision Making, Market Structures, Employment, Labor, Wages, Sources of Government Revenue, Government Spending, Financial Markets, Macroeconomic Performance, Measuring the Nation’s Output and Income, Economic Growth, Poverty and Income Distribution, Business Cycles and Fluctuations, Inflation, Unemployment, Money, Banking, Macroeconomic Equilibrium, Stabilization Policies, and Economics and Politics, and the Global Economy.


    This is a hybrid class.  That means that the students will be working in a Moodle Room to complete different items (such as assignments, quizzes, tests or projects).  Each online item will have a specific due date.  Once that item is due, then the item closes out and students can no longer submit that particular item.  The other part of the class comes from lessons, assignments, tests or projects that the teacher presents.