Welcome to LP

    Les Premieres is an after school performance dance program available to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.

    • These individual dance groups focus on community outreach by performing all over Marion County at various events.
    • The Winter Show, Spring Show, Light up Ocala, and FAFO are events that are Mandatory in order to participate in the program you may find those dates on my calendar.
    • Students have a full schedule and must be available for Saturday performance that are not yet listed on calendar. This is a big commitment and performances must be a priority for the dancer.
    • The after school program is strictly choreography based, therefore, dancers must be registered for at least 1 semester of dance during the current school year to learn techniques required to be successful learning the choreography.
    • There are two divisions, Tap and Jazz (Lyrical, African, Hip Hop, and Modern are included)) for each grade level, see schedule below.

    The Performance wear for both divisions is mandatory, must be maintained by parents(see picturs at the bottom), and includes the following:

    1. Girls need; black spaghetti strapped leotard, tan (non-shiny) transitional tights, black dance shorts, black jazz pants.
    2. Boys need; a black t-shirt (or athletic shirt), black pants, and black socks.
    3. All Tap dancers need black tap shoes.
    4. All Jazz dancers need black jazz shoes.
    5. Rehearsal for both genre are done on the same day so dancers may sign up for Jazz, Tap, or both.

    Rehearsal Schedule (Begins August 30th):

    Tuesday until 3:30 - 3rd grade Jazz/Tap boys and girls

    Wednesdays until 3:30 - 5th grade Jazz/Tap boys and girls

    Thursdays until 3:30 - 4th grade Jazz/Tap boys and girls


    For performance details and final instructions please visit the Performance Information page frequently.

    Leotard Tights Pants Shirt Shorts