Belleview Elementary School 3rd Grade Supply List 2018-2019

  • Every child needs:

    2 Boxes of tissues

    1 Box 24 count crayons

    4 Glue Sticks

    1 Box/container of antibacterial wipes (ex. Lysol,)

    1 Pair of scissors

    1 composition notebook

    1 Box colored pencils

    1 Box of Pencil Top Erasers

    48 Number 2 pencils (no mechanical)

    4 packages of notebook paper

    5 duo tang style folders (all the same color)

    1 Headphones or ear buds for use on computer

    Girls: Quart size ziplock bags

    Boys: gallon size ziplock bag

    Donation of 2 of the following to share with the class would be greatly appreciated:  Additional box of tissues, hand sanitizer Box, band aids,  container disinfectant wipes,  yellow #2 pencils,  highlighters,  1 package copy paper,  dry erase markers,  headphones/earbuds (for personal use), graph paper.   Other items may be requested by the teachers at orientation or beginning of the school year.