•  What is Health and why is it so important to know and understand?

    Health education is essential if people are to learn how to live healthy lives and avoid diseases. It helps them understand what health is and how to look after it, and also about the need for health services and disease- control programes. Health education can show people that good health and health services are a basic human right; it can explain that health services are important for development.


    Health education, as part of primary prevention, helps people to understand their bodies and value their health, to know about diseases, and how to make the best use of organized health services. It can motivate them to look after themselves by practicing hygienic personal habits, such as using safe water, mosquito nets, and how to prevent and treat certain illnesses. It can encourage them to be responsible for their own environment in terms of water supplies and waste disposal. Health education can also bring health workers in closer touch with the needs of the people they serve so that, by working together, they can develop a healthier life for the community as a whole.


    I look forward to working with your children and sharing the love of Health care with them as well. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child or the course content. Lets have a great year and Go Colts!