Hawk Hour: Drama & Relay for Life

  • Hawk Hour is enrichment opportunity for students at Horizon Academy. This is a 40 minute period of extra learning - between their 1st and 2nd block classes (between 1st and 3rd period or 2nd and 4th period) each day. Students who need to raise their Math scores will attend specially prepared classes to work on strengthening basic skills that will help them in their Math classes. Other students use the time to make up credits from course they did not pass in earlier years (reminder: If a student fails a course it must be re-taken before they can graduate Middle School). Many students whill choose to participate in a diverse collection of enrichment opportunities offered by the faculty members. 

    I will be offering Drama/Theater and Relay for Life (American Cancer Society). 

    Theater Relay for Life

    What do students do in my Hawk Hour?
    1) Learn more about acting and theatrical production.  2) Perform skits, monologues and plays.   3) Go to plays and performances outside of school.

    1) Learn more about cancer and its impact.  2) Create ways to inform the public about cancer and the efforts of groups like the American Cancer Society to defeat cancer.  3) Raise funds for the American Cancer Society through the Relay for Life Walk in the Spring.