• Belleview High School

    Anatomy & Physiology Honors


    Instructor:  Sara Glisson                                                            2019-2020


    Contact Information

    Email:  sara.glisson@marion.k12.fl.us                                        Bldg. 10 Rm. 112

    Twitter:  @BHS_MrsGlisson                                                       Remind:  text @9d936 to 81010


    Course Description:  Anatomy and Physiology Honors covers the structures and functions of the major systems of the human body.


    Class Expectations:  Students are expected to use the resources (class time, teacher web page, Remind.com, Twitter, etc.) to stay current with assignments and to master the benchmarks that are part of the class curriculum.  Students will participate in all class activities and will complete and turn in all assignments on time.  Students must be in class and dressed appropriately to participate in lab activities.  Students are expected to be ready to work as soon as the bell rings.  The BHS tardy policy will be strictly enforced.


    Materials Needed

    • 3-ring binder
    • Colored pencils


    Class topics

    1st Semester

    • Anatomy Basics
    • Chemistry
    • Cells
    • Tissues
    • Integumentary System
    • Skeletal System
    • Muscular System





    2nd Semester

    • Nervous System and Senses
    • Blood, Cardiovascular, and Lymph Systems
    • Respiratory System
    • Digestive System and Nutrition
    • Urinary System
    • Endocrine System and Reproduction



    Anatomy & Physiology Honors has a lot of vocabulary.  This vocabulary is essential for the understanding of the content.  Tests and quizzes do not have word banks.




    The study of Anatomy & Physiology requires many lab activities, including the dissection of a cat.


    Florida Statute 1003.47 Biological Experiments on living subjects.

    1(a) Dissection may be performed on nonliving mammals or birds secured from a recognized source of such specimens and under supervision of qualified instructors. Students may be excused upon written request of a parent.




    Absences / Make-up work

    It is your responsibility to stay current with all assignments.  All assignments will be posted on the Mrs. Glisson’s BHS webpage and it is your responsibility to get your make-up work.  Tests and quizzes will have to be made up by appointment, before or after school.  Most labs and dissections cannot be made up, so attendance is extremely important.  For work missed during an excused absence, you will have as many days as you were absent to get the work turned in.  Late work will receive half credit and no work will be accepted more than 2 weeks after the due date.




    Grading Policy

    Class / Daily Assignments, Quizzes (including homework) = 50%

    Tests / Projects / Presentations (including lab reports) = 50%


    Students will receive 2 grades for each lab; a participation grade that counts as a daily assignment and a test grade for the written lab report.  Unexcused absences will result in a zero for the participation grade.


    Glisson’s Classroom Professional Cell Phone Etiquette Guidelines

    These policies were developed with input from all of Mrs. Glisson’s students.  It is expected that you follow these policies, and in addition, hold your classmates accountable for proper cell phone etiquette.  The consequence of not following these guidelines is that there will be no cell phone use permitted without explicit permission. 


    • Cell phones remain face down in the corner of your desk when not in use.
      • You may choose to keep it in your bag.
    • Phones are to be silent & no flashing lights.
    • Phones are not to be used during directions, direct instruction, or group work, except in the case of an emergency.
      • Examples of emergencies include:
        • Illness, accident, hospitalization, or injury of immediate family.
        • Change in transportation (may just be urgent depending on the time of day)
        • Natural disasters (hurricane, tornado, fire)
        • Active intruder / Code Red
        • Death
        • Online classes (try to schedule out of class time, though)
      • Phones may be used during individual work to listen to music
        • Ear buds / headphones must be in
        • Other students should not be able to hear your music
      • No video / video chatting (FaceTime, Skype, etc) will be used in class.
      • Photos are only allowed with permission from Mrs. Glisson, and they must be for educational purposes.
      • Phones may be used for research purposes during work.
      • No social media.
      • Phones may be used after ALL work is completed.
        • Acceptable uses would be: checking grades on Skyward, checking email, Quizlet, to do work for another class
      • Earbuds / head phones are to be completely off your body when not in use.
      • Earbuds out / head phones off when someone speaks to you.
      • Phones may be charged.
        • Do not disrupt others to ask for chargers.
        • Do not unplug anything to charge your device.
        • Do not charge on lab tables when set up for class activities.