Welcome to 8th Grade Adv. Language Arts


  •  Welcome Back!!!  

    While most of your information and work will be assigned in class, there will be assignments made on Teams as well.  ALL work is posted on this website under "Current and Past Assignments" and on your period's Calendar.  ALWAYS CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN PERIOD 6's WORK!


    Your assignments, announcements, handouts/forms, etc. will be on Google Teams AND on this website's "Current and Past Assignments" and "Documents & Helps".  To the left of this page, you will see links for When in "Current & Past Assignments", Look at the bottom of the viewed list.  You may have to click "See All" to get to more assignments.  Please be sure to click on and review your correct class.  We will be using these listings every school day.  

     WARNING: If you lose a handout you are to either check the classroom black file box OR go on Teams or this website.  Handouts/worksheets are usually PDF's.  Feel free to print out another copy, fill it out online in Teams (if available) or use as reference while answering on notebook paper.

    IMPORTANT:  Unlike last year (Quarter 4), all work will be given normal due dates WHICH MUST BE MET.  You DO NOT have the entire quarter to turn in work!!  


    MONTHLY OUTSIDE READING:  All students will be participating in monthly Outside Reading based on novels of your choice, and will need to maintain the required assignments.  (see "Documents & Helps")

    Helpful links:

    + Audiobooks:  https://stories.audible.com//discovery

    + Classic books:  http://read.gov/bookd/

    + Read 180 Library:  https://samconnect.scholastic.com/hosted/pages/ZipCodeLocator  

    + OpenLibrary: https://openlibrary.org/collections/k-12  (NOTE: this link requires you create an account, so check with your parents.  There is no fee)