• For at least the next couple of weeks we will be operating in a virtual format. Luckily, we have done several assignments in Google classroom, and we will be able to continue to use that format for future lessons. For the first week, the assignment will be to do your “They Say, I Say” assignment that is due Friday night. You will also have a “They Say, I Say” assignment due April 10. You can work on it now, or you can work on it Friday, but it is imperative that you turn your assignments in because these are the only grades you are getting until we come back to school.
    Beginning next week on Monday (April 6), you will have an assignment(s) posted to Google classroom at 9:15 a.m. These assignments will be due on Friday evenings by 11:59 p.m. That gives you the entire week to work on them from home. Each of these assignments will deal with AP specific topics, usually rhetorical analysis or argument. I will sometimes post links to videos for you to watch and respond to online, but all assignments will be posted Monday morning and due Friday night. The College Board is posting videos as well to help during this time, so I will send links to those. They are not required, but highly suggested if you want to pass the exam.
    I am responsible for taking attendance daily online. Starting Wednesday, I will post a question to Google classroom. You will have until 3:40 p.m. (the end of a regular school day) to post your response. If your response is not posted by 3:40 p.m., you are considered absent for the day.
    The best way to reach me during this time is via email. I will check it several times per day. I am working a hybrid schedule, sometimes at school, sometimes from home, but email is always a consistent method of communication.
    I will let you know as soon as I have updates on the AP exam. They are supposed to give us more information on April 3. Right now, they are looking at testing from home, in a 45 minute period, with one free response essay prompt. Things could change, but this was the latest information I was given.
    I hope you are all doing well in these trying times, and if you need anything at all, please reach out to me.



    Use this code to sign into Google classroom. The majority of assignments for this class will be delivered in Google classroom format.



    1st period: bxsufa


    2nd period: 9k9i7u


    3rd period: co7re00


    4th period: 49oveh



     Use this code to sign into your AP Language College Board website: (You must have a college board account to enroll in the class):


    1st period: D27NWG


    2nd period: ZX2QVY


    3rd period: QRX7K7


    4th period: AQJ2VR





    2019-2020 Overview


    Mrs. Jones




    Upon completing the Language and Composition course, students should be able to

    • Analyze and interpret samples of good writing, identifying and explaining an author’s sue of rhetorical strategies and techniques;
    • Apply effective strategies and techniques in their own writing;
    • Create and sustain arguments based on readings, research, and/or personal experience;
    • Demonstrate understanding and mastery of standard written English as well as stylistic maturity in their own writings;
    • Write in a variety of genres and contexts, both formal and informal, employing appropriate conventions;
    • Produce expository and argumentative compositions that introduce a complex central idea and develop it with appropriate, specific evidence, cogent explanations, and clear transitions; and
    • Move effectively through the stages of the writing process, with careful attention to inquiry and research, drafting, revising, editing, and review.





    • Rhetorical Analysis and Close Reading
    • Argumentation and Persuasion
    • Language and Thought
    • SAT/ACT/PERT Preparation
    • Summer Reading
    • Composition


    Class Discussions: The writing for this course is a continuation of what is done within the classroom discussions about the reading assignments. Students engage with and respond to oral and written texts and take responsibility for their own thinking. A preference and conscious choice is made for shorter pieces of varying discourse and texts which act as catalysts for discussions.


    Assignments: Major assignments will be tests and projects. Students will also be assigned out-of-class reading. The take-home essays are supplemented by considerable work with impromptu essays both to diversify writing and to rehearse the skills necessary for the AP Exam in May.

    Late work will be accepted with a 50% deduction in grading. The only exception to this late work policy is on an individual basis due to absences. You will have the same amount of days you missed to ask for and complete makeup work. It is not my responsibility to track you down to give you an assignment. Late work will not be accepted after three school days past the due date. If you think you will have difficulty in meeting the assignment due date, you are responsible for conferring with the teacher prior to the date the assignment is due to avoid the late grade. You can always submit electronic assignments early through Google classroom. Plagarism will result in a dismissal from AP Language and Composition.




    • Essays, projects, presentations  55%
    • Classwork              35%
    • Homework              10%



    Most assignments may be viewed on Google classroom.  


    Works Used: The Language of Composition, AP English Language and Composition Practice Examinations, Essential Literary Terms with Exercises, and other supplemental texts both nonfiction and fiction. AP Terms and Definitions can be downloaded and printed frommy teacher page.


    Conduct: Students are expected to follow the Marion County Public Schools Code of Conduct, West Port High School behavior guidelines, and Class Behavior Policy.


    Tardy Policy: Any student who has not crossed the threshold of the class when the bell finishes ringing is considered tardy. All tardy students (excused or unexcused) must sign the Tardy Log.


    Sign-Out Log: Students leaving the classroom are required to sign-out in the Sign-Out Log. When returning to the classroom, students must record the time he/she re-entered the classroom. You do not have to ask to use the restroom. It is across the hall. Please limit these visits. Also, please make sure only one student is out of the classroom at a time.