• Dunnellon High School World Languages

    School year 2020-2021

    Sra. Torres, room 011/24

    Spanish II


     Major Concepts/Content. The purpose of this course is to enable students to enhance proficiency in Spanish through a linguistic, communicative, and cultural approach to language learning. There is continued emphasis on the development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills and on acquisition of the fundamentals of applied grammar. Cross-cultural understanding is fostered and real-life applications are emphasized throughout the course. Upon completion the student will earn 1 credit. 

     The content should include, but not be limited to, the following:  

    • Conversational expression of feelings, ideas, and opinions in Spanish
    • Comprehension of spoken and written Spanish
    • Oral and written presentation of information and ideas, in Spanish, to an audience
    • Social interaction patterns within Spanish culture(s)
    • Connections between the Spanish language and culture(s) and other disciplines
    • Communication patterns of languages
    • Spanish language usage within and beyond the school setting

     After successfully completing this course, the student will:  

    • Engage in conversation in Spanish to express feelings and ideas and exchange opinions.   Demonstrate understanding of spoken and written Spanish on a variety of topics. 
    • Present information and ideas to an audience through speaking and writing in Spanish.
    • Demonstrate understanding of social interaction patterns within Spanish culture(s) through participation in cultural activities.
    • Apply knowledge of Spanish language and culture(s) to further knowledge of other disciplines.
    • Analyze and use different patterns of communication and social interaction appropriate to the setting.
    • Show evidence of becoming life–long learners by using Spanish for personal enjoyment and enrichment.




    Three Modes of Communication: 


    The Interpersonal Mode is characterized by the active negotiation of meaning among students. Students observe and monitor one another to see how their meanings and intentions are being communicated. Adjustments and clarifications can be accordingly. 


    The Interpretive Mode focuses on the appropriate cultural interpretation of meanings that occur in written and spoken form where there is no recourse to active negotiation of meaning with the writer or the speaker. 


    The Presentational Mode refers to the creation of oral and written messages in a manner that facilitates interpretation by members of the other culture where no direct opportunity for the active negotiation of meaning between members of the two cultures exists. 



    Six Primary Learning Objective Areas: 


    • Spoken Interpersonal Communication
    • Written Interpersonal Communication
    • Audio, Visual, and Audiovisual Interpretive Communication
    • Written and Print Interpretive Communication
    • Spoken Presentational Communication
    • Written Presentational Communication

    Classroom Rules 

    • Absences and tardies will be subject to the rules and regulations of the Marion County Public Schools as stated in the Student Code of Conduct.
    • Tardy policies will be subject to the rules established by the DHS Code of Conduct/Discipline department.
    • Restroom and tardy log in/log out sheets must be completely filled out, use legible handwriting.
    • Restroom privileges may be revoked if not in compliance.
    • Check teacher’s web site for videos assigned for review or for practice.
    • For emergency absentee circumstances and Excused absences, students will have the opportunity to make up missing work during Paw Time.
    • No make-up work will be accepted at the end of the quarter. Make-up work will be submitted based on Excused absences. 
    • Respect others so that you will be respected as well.
    • Conserve classroom property well organized and clean.
    • No drinks (except water), nor food unless it is part of the classroom instruction unit.
    • Remain in your assigned seat unless instructed differently.
    • The use of cell phones other than for class work, upon teacher request is not permitted. If you are not in compliance, cell will be removed and returned according to school policy.
    • Bring required materials to class on a daily basis.
    • Students are not permitted to do/complete work from other subject areas during class time. Use PAW Time
    • Cheating and Plagiarism Policy will be enforced following the rules and regulations of the Marion County Public Schools Student Code of Conduct.


    Media Center and use of the Computer Lab 

     Students are expected to adhere to the policy established by Dunnellon High School when using computers and other materials. 


    Grading Policy


    Foundational Skills 10%  

    Standard 1 Interpretive Reading 25% 

    Standard 2 Interpersonal and Presentational Writing 25% 

    Standard 3 Interpretive Listening/understanding 25% 

    Standard 4 Presentational/ Interpersonal Speaking 15 %


    Composition notebook

    Loose-leaf paper 


    Dry erase marker

    Dry eraser


    Teacher’s web page (it contains videos from Professor Jordan)

    Vistahigherlearning.com   Spanish II (Course Requirement for the use of internet activities, recordings, lab audios, auto-graded practice, pronunciation practice, tests/quizzes, etc...)