• Syllabus

    Howard Middle School 2015-2016

    7th grade Math 

    Ms. Santiago


    Objective:   Students will cover 7th grade Florida Standards for math as well as looking back to standards taught in elementary school that are not yet mastered.  They will work independently and in small groups throughout each week.  I expect each student to give me their best effort, to ask questions when they are unsure about something, to make mistakes, to do the work assigned, and to allow other students the opportunity to learn.


    Textbook:  Our textbook, Digits Grade 7, is computer based.  The log in for each child is found at www.mymathuniverse.com.  They will be given their username and password in class.  There will be work assigned that can be completed at home or in the classroom.  Also, we will use a three ring binder in class to keep all the handouts from the workbook, worksheets, and notes.  They may leave these in class so that they will be available each day.  Students will be allowed to take them home before tests or projects in order to be better prepared.


    Supplies needed:

    1 three ring binder 1-1 ½ inch, 6 dividers, paper, pencils and erasers, correcting pen (not blue or black) or colored pencils


    Late Homework:     Late homework WILL NOT receive full credit unless there is an excused

                                    absence.  Homework that is one day late will receive a maximum grade of

                                    50%.  Homework more than one day late will receive a grade of ZERO for that



    Absences:  After an excused absence, it is the student’s responsibility to copy down all missing work and obtain any handouts.  There is a folder on the bulletin board where handouts will be placed.  Students will have a one day grace period for every day of absence to get work completed. 


    Rules and Expectations:  Howard Middle is a Positive Behavior Support (PBS) school, which means students are acknowledged with incentives for their efforts to make positive behavior choices.  Your child will be expected to follow the school and class rules at all times during the school day. 


    Grading Summary:

    40% Tests   These are given at the end of each topic/unit.  All tests with a grade of a C or lower  

                          will require a parent’s signature to keep them apprised of their student’s specific


    50% Class work/Quizzes/Learning Checks/Projects  

               Classwork:  Done regularly in class either individually, with a partner, or at a learning

                                     station with a small group.

               Quizzes:  Given weekly as a check to see the progress on topics covered. 

               Learning Checks:  These will be given at intervals determined by the county.

               Projects:  There will be several projects assigned during the school year in addition to the

                                 regularly assigned homework.


    10% Homework   Home work will generally be assigned Monday or Tuesday  with the

                                    expectation that it will be turned in when due, usually Thursday or Friday of

                                    each week.  Assignments are due at the beginning of class.  I will mark that an

                                   assignment has been attempted and completed.  There is no penalty for incorrect answers

                                   as long as real effort has been shown.  All work must be done in pencil!



    Grading Scale:

    90% - 100%  A

    80% - 89%    B

    70% - 79%    C

    60% - 69%    D

    0% - 59%      F



    Communication:  You should check your child’s grades through the parent portal.  If you haven’t signed up for it yet, please do so in the office.  Your child also has access to their grades through the student portal.  You can check my teacher page through the Howard Middle School website by clicking on faculty/staff and then clicking on my name for assignments and announcements.  Also, feel free to e-mail me at claribel.santiago@marion.k12.fl.us


    Conferences can be scheduled by calling the guidance office at 352-671-7225 and appointments made for Tuesdays or Thursdays from 8:40 – 9:10.


    I’m looking forward to helping your child gain confidence in their math skills and to guide them in becoming the best math student they can be.  Thank you in advance for helping them with practicing math facts, making sure that homework is getting completed, and talking with your student about the importance of staying focused and giving 100% effort each day.