• Hi Children!

    This is crazy!  Who knew we would go from being in classroom to online classes in a flash???  But here we are and you know we learn Math anywhere!  The first thing I want you to do is send me a message via reminder. I want to know that you are good and that you have been able to read this. You will need to download the app and add yourself to the right period.  

    Text me: Your FULL name (not nick name or made up stuff) and let me know if you access the work online or if you need a paper copy (you might have to pick up at school).

    Signing up is easy: To join a Remind class, you’ll need a class code.  Each code is unique, but it always looks like this: @classcode.

    1. Once you have a class code, there are three ways to join the class:

      1. 1  Sign up for text notifications by texting @classcode to 81010.

      2. 2  Go to www.remind.com/join/classcode and follow the directions.

      3. 3  Download the Remind app from 
        App Store or Google Play, sign up for an account with your email address, and enter the class code when prompted.


    Period 1: 2cakk6

    Period 2: hg9682

    Period 3: 33cg9c

    Period 4:268bh4

    Period 5: 2khgg6

    Period 6: gf98g4b


    Also let me know if you are using your phone number or your parents. 

    Well, now its your turn. Go on, sign up!

    Talk to you soon!

    Ms. Santiago

  • How do I navigate Google Classroom?

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    Here is some help! Just click!

    Google Classroom-Parent Guide


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  • Where can I find the class assignments?

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    Your assignments will be posted and graded into Google Classroom.

    Go onto the student portal.

    Click on the Google Classroom App.

    Make sure you are able to see the Math class in your app

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  • How can I contact you?

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    You can contact me in many ways:

    a) email - claribel.santiago@marion.k12.fl.us

    b) Remind app

    c) Phone call or text 352-405-1174


    Office Hours:

    Monday - Friday

    10 am - 11 am

    1pm - 2pm 

    No Saturdays or Sundays!

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