• Course Syllabus

    Students in both 6th grade and 8th grade Escalate classes will be able to access their Escalate textbook and workbook online.

    To do this you must go to your course schedule and click the etextbook link next to the class period you have for reading.

    When you get to the Escalate dashboard, make sure you use the drop down bar to ensure you are on the right grade level.

    You will be working primarily in two sections.

    1.  The Texbook icon box

          Here you will find your the content including stories, skills, etc..

    2.  The Student Resource icon box:

          Here you will find your online activity book (workbook)  You must make sure you are in the correct Unit we are currently working in

    so you find the right page numbers.  

    YOU MUST SCROLL DOWN to the bottom of the activity workbook page (not use the page numbers displayed)

    in order to be on the correct activity book page.   Look for the correct page number on the bottom left or right of the activity page.