Welcome to Reading!


  •   Welcome to Reading!  I am looking forward to contributing to your child's reading growth this year.  The Escalate English Program is the curriculum your child will be engaging in this year.

    This program will strengthen your child's comprehension skills and build vocabulary.  The units we will be studying in Escalate support Language Arts, Science and Social Studies skills.  

    In addition to this, students will complete a DBQ each quarter for grades 6 and 7 and a CIS (Comprehension Instructional Sequence Lesson) for 8th grade.  This will be a big part of the classwork grade.

     Also, students  are expected to read for enjoyment for 20 minutes each night and be prepared to respond to a journal prompt relating to what they read in google classroom.

        Parents, teachers, and students can make this a positive year by working together so reading growth can flourish and students are well prepared to continue their educational journey successfully!


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