Welcome to Foundation in Agriscience, Animal Science II-IV , Advanced Concepts of Agriscience and FFA Headquarters!


      I am very excited to be your Agriculture teacher here at Lake Weir High School. Here on my website you will find information on the topics we are covering in class and important FFA events, contests, and opportunity reminders.

    It is my hope that students will learn about the FFA and see that it is so much more than plants and animals. While we value those topics, leadership and communication are valuable skills that will be developed in the program as well.

    As the FFA advisor and the agriscience instructor, I hope that we can learn and grow together as a team throughout the year. Students who harness a “get it done” attitude and with a community of supportive families, I know we will accomplish great things at Lake Weir High School!

    This year our FFA focus is on membership involvement. Our them this year is Just One! I challenge each of you to do one thing that help propel our organization forwar. If we each just choose one act combined we will make a tremendous difference. I look forward to working with each and every one of you this upcoming year. 




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