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    Eighth Grade HONORS Physical Science Class Syllabus, Building 2, Room 209

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    Welcome Back!!!  I hope to have an enjoyable and exciting year as we journey together into Physical Science.  I am looking forward to share many exciting experiences that I have planned for you this year.  It is imperative that you remain focused throughout the course as we will be preparing for the FCAT exam on a continuous basis so you can be successful and well prepared for high school.


    The guidelines below will provide the ingredients for a successful year.  Parents, please review these guidelines together with your child so that both parents and students alike are aware of the class expectations.


    This year we will be using an exciting textbook along with the internet, library, newspapers and other reading materials.  Adhering to the following guidelines will be essential:

    1. Listen during lectures and lab work
    2. Take good notes
    3. Stay organized, up date your planner daily and keep notebooks neat and organized
    4. Complete all assignments.
    5. Always ask for help as Science builds from prior subject areas
    6. Stay positive


    Eighth Grade Science Curriculum

    1. Nature of Science

    2. Properties of Matter

    3. Changes in Matter

    4. Forces and Motion

    5. Energy

    6. Waves – Light and Sound

    7. FCAT Review

    Projects related to unit material will be assigned as determined by Mr. Orloff.    


    Classroom Needs:

    1. ***Plenty of Sharpened #2 pencils so you come prepared for class*** 
    2. A Planner (school provided)
    3. 1 spiral bound 5 subject notebook with pockets for items returned
    4. Graph paper
    5. Colored pencils/crayons for selected activities
    6. Blue or black pen. No Gel or Glitter Pens.
    7. Handheld pencil sharpener
    8. Highlighter


    Classroom Procedures:

    1. Report to class promptly, be seated and start your bell work before the tardy bell rings
    2. Always be respectful to each other and teachers
    3. Bring all necessary materials to class each day
    4. Always raise your hand to ask questions or permission to leave your seat
    5. Remain seated until dismissed by row by the teacher
    6. Always follow rules when performing lab work – Horseplay will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate referral
    7. No personal activities (such as combing or brushing hair, makeup applications, applying perfumes or lotions during class time)


    Grading Policy

    Tests, Projects, Presentations, 40%

    Class/Daily assignments, Quizzes and QSMA's, 50%

    Homework, 10%



    Homework is a necessary tool to help review daily lessons.  If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to obtain and makeup any missed assignments.  Homework will be posted daily on the board and is always collected the very next day unless noted otherwise.  If you are out sick the day homework is due, it will need to be turned in the very next day you return.  Homework that is turned in late will receive credit, however at a penalty.  This work will be valued at 75% providing all of the elements were met.  Missing information will drop the score from there.  There is homework every night.  This can be either reviewing from the material read in class or formally assigned on the Homework section of the white board.  Generally, 15-20 minutes should be devoted each day to stay current and to develop the necessary skills.



    You will be keeping a Student Interactive Notebook for this year.  Your notebook must be kept neat and organized chronologically by units.  All assignments, essential questions, vocabulary test/quizzes, I Wills etc. must be kept in the notebook all year long.  This will help keep you better organized and prepared for the FCAT and Local End of Course Exam (LEOCE).  Details for keeping this notebook properly will be discussed in class.  It may even be used for quizzes so do a great job with it.     



    Students will be notified of upcoming quizzes which can be entered into their school planners.  Tests will be given at the end of each chapter or units.  Missed tests must be made up upon returning to school.  Semester exams are given in December and May. 


    Class work:

    Class work includes reading, writing, lab work, worksheets, activities, and graphs.



    Lab work is offered as subject matter permits.  Most labs CANNOT be made up.  If you miss an experiment, an "Alternative Assignment" will be offered.  You can review any article from any source related to Physical Science or a section from the textbook and hand write a full front one page summary that describes the article and receive credit.



    Each student is encouraged to participate in class discussions.


    I have read this syllabus and clearly understand the student expectations with regards to academics and classroom procedures.  Student, please sign and KEEP in your notebook for the entire year to refer to.



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