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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments


    Please visit my VHS webpage for your class. Prack Webpage


    We will be using Microsoft Teams or Zoom for face to face meetings, and of course email. We've got this!!!


    This course will have four concentrated sections involved in it: Vocabulary, grammar, literature, research and writing skills. Aside from the midterm and final, each section will have its own assessments. There will be projects where I expect to see all four sections practiced properly as well. I provide students ample time for all assignments. Projects have a requirement sheet that will be passed out, in addition to being posted on my VHS website. Email is the best, most efficient way to contact me. 

    Here is an overview of my sections:


    There will be 20 words in each vocabulary unit, and students have a section in their 3-ring binder just for vocabulary. These words are not from our literature book. There is a routine that takes about 2 weeks to complete for each unit. 

    1. Students will copy the word, its part of speech, the definition, synonyms and antonyms for all words via the overhead. Students who request a hard copy, may borrow one, but they need to write the word and its information as a part of the learning process. 

    2. Students will write 6 paragraphs using all 20 words, but broken down into 10 words per 3 paragraphs. 

    3. Students will create their own multiple choice quiz and answer key.

    4.  Students will take another student's quiz.

    5. Students will take my test.



    The parts of speech seem to get forgotten, so I always start off reteaching all 8 parts of speech. There will be a section in their binder dedicated to grammar. They will copy all the terms for the parts of speech, and practice finding the part in sentences provided. There will be a quiz on each part of speech. We will be learning and working with revising skills. 



    Our text book is available online. In addition to this book, I add classic novels such as F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.  I will have open ended questions that go along with each read, and each student will receive his/her own copy of the questions and write the answers on the handout.  There will be tests for each reading piece. 


    Writing Skills. 

    Students will take notes on the parts of an essay, and parts of a research paper. There will be open notes quizzes on the elements of writing and researching in addition to writing numerous essays and one research paper.