• Digital Video  Technology Mapping, Second Year 2020- 2021

     Classroom orientation Equipment review

    Week 1

      Camera Operation and Picture Composition

    Grammar of the Shot, Chap .1 

    Week 2, Test

     The Art of Composition

    Chapter 2

    Week 3 & 4, Test

     Composition: Beyond the Basics

    Week 5 & 6, Test

      Putting Your Shots Together: Prethinking the Editing Process

    Week, 7 & 8, Test

     Editing Essentials, Chap. 5.  Premiere Pro

     Adding Transitions and Creating Titles, Chap. 7 and 16, Premiere Pro

     Christmas Break

     Editing and Mixing Audio, Chap. 11, Premiere Pro

     Refining the Rough Cut, Premiere Pro

     Spring Break

     Completing the Cut, Adding  Effects and Finishing,

     Premiere Pro

     Steadi-cam video

     Tripod Dolly hero shots