• Clay Hand Bone Structure

    Welcome to Anatomy & Physiology Honors class. This is going to be a great year as we study the human body. This course will explore many aspects of the human body system by system. We will have some laboratory activities including the dissection of a fetal pig.


    Below are some important papers you need to go through.

    1. Anatomy & Physiology Honors Syllabus: This contains the course information along with the policies for various things including class rules, assignments, lab work and much more. You need to go through this and bring questions to class.
    2. Laboratory Safety Rules This contains the laboratory safety rules for our class. You will be given a printed copy of this document in class. Make sure to go through each rule and bring questions you have to class.
    3. Signature Page of Acknowledgement This is a page that you MUST turn in signed by both student and parent/guardian. You will be given a printed copy of this document in class that will be turned in only after all questions or concerns are addressed and the document is signed. As with any document, do not sign this unless you clearly understand what you are signing. Feel free to ask questions needed for clarification. 


    The information about our assignments, due dates, deadlines, tests and more will be on the Google Classroom. Students are given the class code based on the class period. Parents, if you would like to view the Google Classroom, you can be invited by emailing me the following information:

    • Student Name
    • Parent Name
    • Parent Email (this should be a Gmail account)

    If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.