• Homework Procedures

       Read daily for at least 20 minutes. Any reading will count, even if you spend your time reading a textbook for another class.  


       Record the book title, author and total minutes read on the Daily Reading Log and have your parent sign your log.


       Every block day (Thursday/Friday) your reading log will be checked. You must have at least 5 entries and a parent signature. Each completed entry will be 1 point (5 maximum points). 1 point of extra credit will be given for each entry over five per week.


    One additional extra credit point will be given if your parent has signed the Daily Reading Log.


    Late homework will be accepted. There will be no extra credit given for late work.


    If you are absent when homework is collected you may turn in for full credit on the next class day. It is your responsibility to turn it in. Don't wait for me to ask.