• Classroom Procedures


    Attention Getting

    •          I will raise my hand and say “Give me five”.
    •          I will count down to one.
    •          You will stop talking.
    •          You will look at me and be ready for instructions.

    Start-up Procedure

    •          Enter the classroom quietly.
    •          Gather your materials: composition book, folder, reading book, sharpen pencil
    •          Sit in your assigned seat.
    •          Start bell work immediately!  Do not wait for the bell to begin.
    •          You will have 5 minutes to complete after bell rings.
    •          Use this time to use the bathroom if needed.

    Pencil Sharpening

    You should be sharpening your pencils during the first 5 minutes of class. If you need to use the sharpener during class do the following:

    •          Raise hand, with 1 finger showing, to sharpen your pencil.
    •          I will respond, with a nod of the head, if it is ok to proceed to the sharpener.
    •          Sharpen pencil quietly and return to your seat without any disruptions to the class.

    Bathroom Procedures

    Bathroom is to be used during the first and last 5 minutes of class. If you have a real emergency during class do the following:

    •          Raise hand, with 2 fingers showing, to ask permission to use the bathroom.
    •          Sign out, using the Restroom Log located in the Restroom Log folder on the back table.
    •          Proceed to bathroom quietly.
    •          Return from the bathroom quietly.
    •          Sign back in and return to seat.

    Remember: At no time should more than one student be in the bathroom area at the same time.  Always completely fill out the log using first and last name, time you leave the room and time you enter back into the room.


    Asking Questions/Responding to Teacher Questions

    •          Raise hand, with all 5 fingers showing, to ask a question or answer a teacher question.
    •          If we are having a class discussion…see below under Class Discussions


    Class Discussions

    •          PLEASE participate.
    •          I want to hear what you have to say.
    •          Make all questions and comments relevant to the current discussion.
    •          If your question is off the topic, write it down and ask later.

    Paper collection

    •          Papers will be passed out left to right. The first student in the row will receive all the papers for the row. Take a paper and pass to your right.
    •          Papers will be collected right to left. Pass completed paper to your left.
    •          The student at the end of each row will place give the papers to me.

    Moving around the room

    •          You are expected to be where you are assigned.
    •          You must ask permission if you need to move for any reason.

    Be Prepared

    •          Always have an Independent Reading book with you!
    •          This is a reading class. Do not work on homework or material from another class during class. 

    End of Class Procedures

    •          The teacher dismisses you, not the bell.
    •          Wait until my signal to start packing up.
    •          Only when all students are in assigned seats will the class be dismissed.

    Tardy Policy

    •          When you are tardy enter quietly.
    •          If Excused-hand me your pass.
    •          If Unexcused-sign the tardy log located in the tardy log folder on the back table
    •          Have a seat and take out your materials.

     Consequences of a Tardy

    •          1st Tardy – Student receives a warning.
    •          2nd Tardy– Student receives a warning and parent contact.
    •          3rd Tardy– Student receives a warning and parent contact.
    •           4th Tardy – A Discipline Referral is written.


    •          If you are absent, you will be given a chance to make up your missed assignments.
    •          Speak to me regarding missed assignment.
    •          Missed assignments must be made up after current assignments are completed.

    Morning and Intercom Announcements

    •          No talking!
    •          Stop your work
    •          Listen carefully so everyone can hear the announcement
    •          Resume work following the message


    Visitor/Substitute Procedures

    •          When someone enters the classroom continue working on your assignment
    •          Do not call out or try to engage the visitor in conversation.
    •          All substitutes are to be respected. I expect good behavior at all times!