Distance Learning Spring 2020

  • - NMHS will not have any students on campus the rest of the year.

    2. Distance Learning for seniors ends May 26th. All work must be done by this date and will not be taken later. For everyone else, the Distance Learning will continue until June 1st.

    - All assignments will be done through Google Classroom unless you've contacted the front office about having packets ready for work at home. You are responsible for contacting me via email if you have a packet to turn in.


    Update 2: There will be no Driver Education courses offered in person in Marion County for 2020 Summer School. 


    Update 3 - Insurance Waiver: Maintain your driver's log. You may be able to get the waiver when we return to campus (hopefully) next year. The goal will be 10 hours of home driving with signatures combined with the time you drove with me on in traffic and on the range.


    Google Classroom is set up complete with the Drive Right Textbook Chapters (11-18) we will be using fully online. The link is pinned to the top of the Google Classroom page.

    Google Classroom password: 5somvwa


    This is a bit new for most of us so lets work through it together.

    -Good luck and stay safe,

    Coach Gonsoulin

    You can leave phone messages for me: (352) 617-6010, ext. 59194. I check the machine daily.