• Parent forms must be signed as soon as possible to set up the online driving exam. Students will answer all questions from the driving handbook to prepare for the online exam. Students who already have their learner's permit or operator's license will take the online test once for a grade.


    Drug and alcohol (D.A.T.E.) begins at the end of the first full week of school. If a student misses any day of the D.A.T.E. course they must be make up the entire course online or at the DMV at the student's expense. Don't miss a day!


    If a student already has taken the DATE course, he or she must have a license or show proof of completion of the DATE course.


    We will give students time to get their learner's permit ($54.25, social security card, birth certificate and two proofs of current address by parent/guardian needed before going to the DMV/tag office). Traffic drives begin in late August.