All students must complete pre-course work for this class. Email Mr. James for pre-course work

  • Course Description/Objectives:

    • Overview:  AP Calculus AB is a course for students with a thorough knowledge of Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry.
    • Content:  single variable calculus, elementary functions, limits, differentiation, and integration of the algebraic, logarithmic, trigonometric and exponential functions, and applications of differentiation and integration
    • Instructional methods:  lecture, discovery, and group work (please review the next day’s lesson on 'Schoology' before coming to class for participation)
    • Goals:  critical reading, analytical thinking, creative synthesis and problem solving, and attention to detail regarding all Calculus topics
    • Objective:  preparation for the  advance placement examination and preparation for college options as well as correct placement in future math courses for which you are best suited, if applicable
    • Major Work:  Homework, Class Participation, Quizzes, Exams, and Group Tutorial Work
    • Summer Work: Students must email Mr. James for summer assignment for the upcoming year class.