US Gifted History

8th Grade Advanced U.S. History Course Information AND 8th Grade Gen Ed US History Course Information

  • 8th Grade U.S. History

    Nancy L. Rosky


    Course Description

    The eighth grade year in history, students study the roots of U.S. democracy and the founding documents. Students relate founding principles to contemporary events and issues. Working independently and cooperatively, students learn to “think and act like historians” by comparing, contrasting, and evaluating historical interpretations using primary and secondary sources.  They consider the roles played by geography, culture, economics, and technology on the development of the United States.


    ** Students in the Gifted and Talented Advanced Sections will be provided appropriate differentiated instruction to help gifted students reach their maximum potential.  The exact activities will be determined according to the students’ various needs paired with the required Florida state learning standards.


     Year at a Glance


    District adopted materials

    United States History Beginnings to 1877 (Holt McDougal,) lesson plans and support materials. 


    Supplemental Materials

    Students will have a class binder that will remain in the class.



    as listed on my main page


     Grading Policy:

    A student’s grade is determined by his or her points earned.

    90-100% A
    80-89% B
    70-79% C
    60-69% D

    0-59% F


    Category Weights


    10%    Homework   


    50%     Daily Assignments, Class Work, Quizzes, and RWAs  

    •   DBQ pre-work will count in this category


    40%     Test, Projects, Presentations and DBQ Final Essay  


    ATTENDANCE:   Students are responsible for making up all work missed while they are absent in order to receive a grade for that work. Make up work for excused absences will be accepted for up to three days after the student returns to school, unless other arrangements have been made. Make up work for unexcused absences will be accepted at my discretion. 

    RULES:  Every student is entitled to a classroom environment that is safe, conducive to learning, and free from unnecessary disruptions.  Each student is responsible for being respectful to all members of the classroom, including the teacher.  Classroom norms are co-created with students to ensure compliance.


    Please contact Guidance to schedule a parent conference at 352-371-7225 ext 55807


    I am available by phone at 352-671-7225 ext 55892.   Please note that I will return phone calls before and after school, and may not be able to speak to you during the class day while I am in front of my classes.


    My email is


    Special Note:  Any section of the syllabus may be adjusted at any time during the semester to more adequately meet the needs of the students