• Rules and Procedures

    Saddlewood Elementary has adopted a set of school rules called the “Big 3”, which states to 1.) Do your best, 2.) Do what’s right, and 3.) Treat others how you want to be treated.  Students will be reminded to follow the same set of rules in my class each day, rules that are enforced through a Positive Behavior System (PBS).  The detailed list of my classroom PBS rules, awards, and consequences can be found in your child’s Take Home folder along with a Daily Conduct Form I will send home each day to be signed.  Information on Class Dojo – a fun electronic behavior program – can also be found in your child’s Take Home folder this week.  I encourage you to sign up for our Class Dojo (even if you started with the previous teacher) as it provides immediate feedback on your child’s behavior straight to your phone or email.


    Our Schedule

    Please note our weekly schedule to help prepare your child accordingly.

    School Day: The student school day is from 7:45-2:05. Half days end at 12:05.

    P.E.:  We have P.E. every day at 8:00 and coaches urge that all students wear tennis shoes.  Otherwise, students will have to sit out for safety reasons.

    Specials:  Media Center - Mondays at 11:45, Art – Fridays at 11:30, and Music – Thursdays at 11:30.

    Lunch: Both school breakfast and lunch are free for every student. Students eat lunch every day at 12:25, unless it is a half day.



    Students will have homework which may be due each day or week, depending on the work. Again, please be sure to check your child’s Take Home folder for these homework assignments. At minimum, your child will be required to read at least 20 minutes each evening and keep a daily log. Parent signature required; reading with your child, encouraged. Other homework may be categorized by subject (Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies) in weekly/bi-weekly letters.