Mr. Blake Atkinson

    Biomedical Science
    Human Blood Cells
    WELCOME to LIFE!!!

    Hi, my name is Blake Atkinson, I teach the Biomedical Science Courses, PBS and MI. The Biomedical Science program is in it's seventh year here at West Port High School and I have taught about the Human body for nearly thirty years.

    The Biomedical Sciences are about life, in this case Human life, our life. I will guide you on a journey through the human body. Along the way you will discover the amazing structures and functions that make us who we are.

    We will study the structural complexity of the human body and its intricate functional mechanisms. This will include organization of the body, cells and tissues, immunity and disease and systems to include integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary and reproductive.

    Ella, Cayden, Eli                        Chloe

    I am married to Mrs. Atkinson the Choral and Orchestra director here at West Port. We have two children, our daughter a Psychologist and our son an Entomologist/Photographer and four beautiful grandchildren. At home we take care of two dogs and a cat. I play golf and racquetball, canoe and kayak, camp, travel and fish. I am a native Floridian born and raised in Miami. Although I have attended many colleges I graduated from UCF.

    I am excited to call West Port High School my home. My goals are to introduce students to the awe inspiring miracle that is the human body and to motivate them, whether it is in the sciences or elsewhere, to become life-long learners. I look forward to working with both my new and returning students this year. Go Wolf Pack!!



    Blake Atkinson


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