• Unit 3 – Coordinate Geometry

    When students have completed this lesson they should be able to:

    • Find the equation of a straight line when given sufficient information. ie… the equation of a line through a given point with a given gradient and the equation of the line joining two points 
    • Interpret and use any of the forms in solving problems
    • Understand that the equation (x a)2 + (y b)2 = r2 represents the circle with centre (a, b) and radius r ; including use of the expanded form
    • Use algebraic methods to solve problems involving lines and circles
    • Understand the relationship between a graph and its associated algebraic equation, and use the relationship between points of intersection and graphs and solutions of equations
    • Find the distance between two points, the mid-point of a line segment, given the coordinates of its end points
    • Find the gradient of a line segment, give the coordinates of its end points and tell from their gradients whether two lines are parallel or perpendicular