• Digital Information Technology (DIT)

    Course Syllabus  4-108


    Instructor:                        Ms. Mary Krizanac

    Phone:                             671-6290

    Email:                           maryjean.krizanac@marion.k12.fl.us

    School Website:             https://www.marionschools.net/ham

    Class Webpage:              https://www.marionschools.net/Domain/12957


    Course Description:

    This course is designed to provide an introduction to digital technology concepts and careers as well as the impact information technology has on the world, people, and industry and basic web design concepts.  The content includes information technology career research; operating systems and software applications; electronic communications including e-mail and Internet services; basic HTML, Microsoft Office,; emerging technologies, and Web page design.


    ** Students will get the opportunity to take the IC3 Certification Exams, Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications, &  Living Online.**


    Bright Futures/Gold Seal Scholarship

    This course may be used to qualify a student for Florida’s Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship, providing all other eligibility requirements are met. Eligibility requirements are available online at https://www.osfaffelp.org/bfiehs/fnbpcm02_CCTMain.aspx   


    Fine Arts/Practical Arts Credit

    This course meets the Fine Arts credit for high school graduation.  For additional information refer to http://www.fldoe.org/schools/pdf/ListPracticalArtsCourses.pdf


    Parents / Guardians should view the Teacher’s webpage through Horizon Academy’s website for further details regarding this course.


    Course Expectations

    This is a high school credit course. Therefore students are expected to perform on a high school level in this class.  The workload will be extensive and it must be completed on time.


    Classroom Expectations

    ¨      Be on time to class

    ¨      Be prepared for class (folder, paper, pens, flash drive, etc.)

    ¨      Follow classroom procedures.

    ¨      Show respect to yourself, staff, classmates, and the equipment.

    ¨      Try your best. If you don’t succeed, try, try and try again.


    Students are expected to follow class, school, and county guidelines for behavior.


    Course Materials:

    ¨      Pocket Dividers

    ¨      Paper – Bring Daily

    ¨      Blue/Black Pen or Pencil – Bring Daily

    ¨      Flash Drive – Optional

    ¨      Earphones – Optional


    Grading Information:

    You are the individual responsible for the grade you receive. I do not “give” grades, you earn them. 9-weeks grades will be averaged on the following basis:

    Category                               Weight Percentage

    Class work / Quizzes                 50%                     

    Tests  /  Projects                       45%             

    Homework                                5%                

    End of Course Exam           20% of Cumulative Final Grade


    There are five parts to the End of Course Exam (EOC):

          WORD (2)



           Multiple choice


    *Note: Each student is expected to participate in all areas of the grading scales. If a student is absent from class, he/she will be responsible for completing the assignments.


    Plagiarism is defined as the false presentation of another’s writing or work as one’s own. Do NOT commit this offense in this class. Plagiarism will result in a “0” on the given assignment, with the inability to re-do the assignment for credit.


    Technology Use

    We will promote the positive use of technology by discouraging cyberbullying, avoiding plagiarism and following copyright laws. All students will be required to read, understand, and acknowledge the Marion County Public School’s Acceptable Use Policy.


    Student Portal

    The Student Portal is a program that will allow students to view assignments, grades, attendance, and email in a secure, online environment. Students are encouraged to use it often. We give our students hands on experience with electronic mail (email) through Microsoft. Students should adhere to the rules for this account and it should be used for educational purposes only.


    Flash Drive and Ear buds (Optional)

    Students have the option to use a flash drive to save and keep their computer work organized. They can also bring their own ear buds or headphones instead of using the ones the school provides. However, these are the sole responsibility of the student.





    By signing this form you, the Parent/Guardian, acknowledge that you have received and read the attached syllabus regarding your child’s coursework for Introduction to Digital Technology.

    You also acknowledge that this is a High School credit course and your child’s grade will be reflected on their high school transcript and GPA. Furthermore, if your student does not meet the required level of success, they may be removed from the class. Students MUST average a “C” or higher throughout the year.






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