Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Gray

Both my parents were teachers, so maybe it is just in the blood.  It wasn't always the plan, because when I started off my college career in Gainesville, it was as a criminal justice major. During that time I took a job as a school photographer to pay the bills.  Soon I had the teachers telling me I should become a teacher because of how I interacted with the students.  Next thing I knew, I was graduating from UCF with my degree in elementary education.  I spent about 4 years teaching the little guys before I decided to move up to Algebra 1.  This is my (who knows) year now teaching this course and I love it. 

 People often ask me which I like better, the young ones or the older ones.  I tell them that the older ones are the same as the younger ones just all stretched out and stinkier.  Because its true,  they all just need people in their lives who care enough about them to expect them to be the best people that they can be, and while they are in my classroom, that person is me.  Thank you parents and guardians for being that person for you children all of the rest of the time.