• Hello everyone!  Lets talk about the FINAL EXAM!
    The final exam will be online using the Algebra Nation website.  There is a tab to the right of where you click on the videos and more tab every time you go to answer questions.  ​Right here: (if you can't see it, make it bigger)

    ​You just have to click on that tab (some time next week) and complete the test that will show up on the list Monday morning.
    You have until Friday complete the test and you may take it as many times as it lets you (2). 
    PLEASE write me as soon as there is a problem so I can address it.  PLEASE do not skip or forget the test.  I will give you a grade on the effort you put in, but since you can take the test twice, I expect 100%.   
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  •  Its time to get going!  Do your Best!

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I know you miss me, but my beard didn't survive the virus!

The beard didn't survive the virus!

Algebra 1 distance learning: This is new to us all, but remember, you can't be a failure if you try your best! We are here for you, be there for yourself!

  • Hello students!  What a crazy way to start the 4th quarter.  I have been enjoying the time off with my 4, soon to be 5, girls at home.  I also have made sure to take time each day to get outside and exercise because if you remember, before all of this virus stuff and probably still, heart disease was/is the leading cause of death in America and world wide.

     Our class will be easy if you give me about 25-40 minutes a day or 2.2 to 3.33 hours a week.  We will be using a website that the state set specifically to help 9th grade students pass the Florida End of Curse Exam.  It is called MathNation.  We will not be tested this year, but no one knows when or even if we will have to prove we know this stuff.  Math Nation is a very easy platform to use to watch teaching videos and complete practice questions.

    Math nation makes it very easy for the teacher to see all of the time and effort that each student puts into learning the material by giving detailed reports of all videos watched and questions answered.  It uses data from the schools to keep track of the students activities on the website using their student number.  It is a safe and easy for each of you to get what you need to pass the test if they decide that you have to take it at the end of all of this.     





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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • Assignments:  Make sure to check the assignments page each Monday for a new set of assignments for the week.  I will take attendance through your participation on the Math Nation Website.

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  • Office Hours:  I will be available to answer any questions from 9am to 10am in the mornings and 2pm to 3pm in the afternoons Monday-Thursday for immediate response through my school Email.

    Feel free to email any time you want to ask questions, but I may not be able to respond right away if it is not during my office hours.   

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