• Fundamentals of Visual and Performing Arts


    News Show, Yearbook, Media Festival (FAME)

     4-108/112  Media Center - Studio

    Instructor:         Ms. Mary Krizanac

    Phone:             671-6290

    Email:                        maryjean.krizanac@marion.k12.fl.us

    School Website:        https://www.marionschools.net/ham

    Class Webpage:         https://www.marionschools.net/Domain/12957 

    Course Description:                                                                                                               

    Fundamentals of Visual and Performing Arts provides the student with real world applications of a business, how is run and the demand of “output”. Students will broadcast the announcements, coordinate activities and design the schools yearbook and finally make videos for the news show and the Marion County Media Festival. This class requires a high level of maturity. Students work in Teams and often are given some freedom to work independently in the Studio (media center), courtyard and cafeteria. Students are required to ask permission and sign out before leaving the classroom. Roaming is strictly prohibited. When working in the courtyard or cafeteria students must act as a professional, respecting the expensive equipment and keeping noise levels to a minimum. If students do not follow these rules they will lose the privilege of leaving the classroom. Because we work with expensive equipment food, drink, and gum chewing are not allowed in the classroom or studio. Most importantly, treat others as you would like to be treated.

    Classroom Expectations

    ¨      Be on time to class

    ¨      Be prepared for class (Binder, paper, pens, flash drive, etc.)

    ¨      Follow classroom procedures.

    ¨      Show respect to yourself, staff, classmates, and the equipment.

    ¨      Try your best. If you don’t succeed, try, try and try again.


    Students are expected to follow class, school, and county guidelines for behavior

    Course Materials:

    ¨      Pocket divider

    ¨      Paper – Bring Daily

    ¨      Blue/Black Pen or Pencil – Bring Daily

    ¨      Flash Drive – Optional

    ¨      Earphones – Optional


    Classroom Procedures, Expectations, and Responsibilities:

    1) Students will need the following items for class everyday: Paper, pencil, blue or black ink pen, student planner, and homework (missed class work) if assigned.

    2) Students will come to class on time and be prepared to work. Have paper, pencil, pen, and folder ready within the first 2 minutes of class.

    3) Any internet searching must be assigned and related to classroom assignments PLAYING GAMES IS NEVER TOLERATED!!!!!

    4) Student misbehavior will be dealt with according to student handbook rules.

    5) No food, gum, or drinks are permitted in the classroom. Especially near the Equipment!

    6) Class disruptions, tardiness, or being unprepared will be handled in the following manner:    1st offense- warning / 2nd Offense- parent contact / 3rd offense- parent contact/ 4th Offense- referral (CIR Process)

    8) Class will be dismissed when each student is seated and quiet.

    Parent Contact: I will contact parents by notes, phone, and/or email. Parents may contact me using the same methods. Parent conferences will be scheduled as the need arises

    There are many wonderful career opportunities in the field of video and film- maybe you will find that this is an area of great interest to you. We have videos to produces, contest to enter, and awards to win! Let’s have a great year!


    Grading Information:


    You - the student are the individual responsible for the grade you receive. I do not “give” grades, you earn them.

    9-weeks grades will be averaged on the following basis:

    Category                                            Weight Percentage

    Class work / Quizzes                                               50%

    Tests  /  Projects                                                      40%

    Homework                                                               10%

    End of Course Exam                 20% of Cumulative Final Grade



    This is a performance based class. As part of your conceptual assessment, students will be required to keep a portfolio for this class. All classwork, homework, quizzes, and projects are to be kept in the portfolio during the school year.

    Participation grades will be based upon student participation within the classroom and News Studio.

    Plagiarism is defined as the false presentation of another’s writing or work as one’s own. Do NOT commit this offense in this class. Plagiarism will result in a “0” on the given assignment, with the inability to re-do the assignment for credit

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