• Mr.  Perry’s- Syllabus and Course Information!

    8th grade Language Arts is an exciting class! The first 9 weeks we will be reading and studying Unit 1 collection 1. "The Thrill of Horror" we will focus on point of view, speech, and persuasive techniques. We will then finish this series off by writing an argumentative essay and debating the same. 

    Class Rules:

    1.     Respect Others: Treat others, teachers and students, as you would like them to treat you. Use and care for the equipment in your classroom.
    2.     Raise your hand to be recognized: No talking in class until you have been recognized or group discussion is taking place and then respect other’s right to speak.
    3.     Be on time and prepared for class. This means be in the classroom before the tardy bell rings. You should be in your assigned seats and have your materials out that you will need for class.


    Materials needed:

    1.     Pencils.
    2.     Paper.
    3.     3 ring binder or a duo tang folder with clips.



    Grading Scale:

    •        Homework=10%
    •        Classwork &Quizzes=50%
    •        Tests, Projects, and Presentations=40%