chorus spring 2015     spring staff


     Email me if you should have any questions.  If you have missed any assignments, go back and do them.

     All assignments are due by 5/29.  You may make up any assignment missed.  Check your portal for your grade.  If you see 50's then you need to make them up.  

    Zoom awards meeting Monday, 5/25 @ 6:00 p.m.  Zoom information and password will be sent out on Monday to the students email.

    We will be using 2 websites for our class. 

    • Smart Music- go to https://admin.smartmusic.com/join.  Put in the code for your class period. 1st period chorus 4JNH2-KQETD     6th period chorus  G6DJV-UAX2E.  You may have to make an account.  Don't submit until you have the grade you want in the grade book.
    • Breezin thru music theory.  Go to breezinthrutheory.com.  Create account.  Remember how you type in your name and do it the same each time.

    To login: username: libertymsfl   password:  largo4795  You are to start with chapter 1.  Do the lessons first then complete the drills.  You are to do 1 drill each week.


    Assignments due 5/20 Wed. and announcements

    • We will be having a zoom awards on Monday, May 25 at 6:00 p.m.  These are awards that would have been given out at the concert. I will email and post on my web page the zoom info and password next week.
    • Breezin- 1 drill
    • Smart music- assignment will be posted in smart music.  Students without smart music are to send me a short video or sound clip of you singing a nursery rhyme to receive credit.

    Assignments due 5/13 Wed. 

    • Breezin complete 1 drill. Your drills should increase by at least 1 each week.
    • Smart music- 1 assignment listed in smart music under assignments.  Those without smart music practice at least 30 minutes from jw pepper or 8 notes and email me what you practiced to get credit.

    Assignments due 5/6 Wed.

    • Breezin complete 1 drill.  I will be checking to see that your drills are increasing each week by at least 1.
    • Smart music- 1 assignment listed in smart music under assignments.  Those without smart music practice at least 30 minutes from jw pepper or 8notes.com (listed in previous weeks assignments.
    • Read the article on vocal health.  Click here for article.  After reading the article, email me 3 things you learned from the article.

    Assignments due 4/29 Wed. - 

    • Breezin-complete 1 drill.  Make sure you log into Breezin each week for roll and complete at least 1 drill.  I will be checking to see that your drill number is increasing each week.
    • Smart music-You are to practice singing for 30 minutes in smart music.  You can practice the song you selected or any exercise from method book or any choral piece.  I will be checking to see that you practiced for 30 minutes.  If your computer does not allow you to do smart music, then go to www.8notes.com and practice singing some of the voice songs.  Email me a list of what you practiced.
    • Go to www.jwpepper.com. Under continue making music together click start sharing. Then type in code HdXe1209qtU= where it says have code.  You will find music to practice singing. Practice America the Beautiful.

     Assignments due 4/22 

    • Breezin thru theory- complete 1 drill.  If you have trouble look back at the lessons. Make sure you log into Breezin each week by Wednesday as that is how I will take roll.
    • Smart Music-Find a choral song or solo in smart music that you would like to learn.  Email me the title and where you found it.  It will be an assignment later so go ahead and practice it.  To hear the melody, unmute my part.  You can also mute the accompaniment so you can hear it better.
    • Last week I asked you to watch a video and email me a list of things you thought you could do.  Very few of you did this.  This week you are to do one of the items from your list.  Let me know which one you did by email.

    Assignments due 4/15 Wednesday- 

    • Breezin thru theory- Keep on going with the lessons and drills.  Make sure you submit at least 1 each week.  Make sure you log in each week as I will be taking attendance and checking to see if you are doing your work.
    • Smart Music- 1B  See smart music for your assignment.  Email me if you have any problems.
    • Watch this video-(I know it deals with band stuff but it does have some things you can use) https://www.conn-selmer.com/en-us/resources/videos/educational-videos/special-message-to-students-from-tim-lautzenhesier After watch the video, make a list of some of the ideas you think you can do and email them to me.  You may be asked to do some of these later.

    Assignments due 4/8 Wednesday-

    • Smart Music- assignments should be listed under assignments.  Click on it and it will take you there.
    • Breezin thru theory- Chapter 1 Do lessons first so you know how to do the drills. Then complete and submit the first drill.  You can redo the drills if you don't like your grade.




    Chorus is offered to students that want to learn to read music, learn music theory and enhance their vocal skills.  Students will sing a variety of music.  Students will participate in after school events including performing at concerts. 

    Here are some useful items for the school year:

    Chorus class rules and requirements

    Chorus shirt form

    Remind app- To sign up for chorus remind app enter 81010 text @b8ga47

    Email Mrs. Koehn -leslie.koehn@marion.k12.fl.us