If you have missed any assignments, go back and do them.  Check your school email.  Email me if you have any questions.


    All assignments are due by 5/29.  Check your portal for your grade.  If you see 50's then you need to make up the assignment.

    Zoom awards meeting Monday 5/25 @ 6:00 p.m.  Zoom information and password will be sent out on Monday to the students email.

    Assignments due 5/20 Wed. and announcements

    • Students that left items or instruments in the bandroom can pick them up on Tuesday, May 19 from 8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.  Please email me if you intend on picking up items and what items you will be picking up so I can have it ready for you.
    • We will be having a zoom awards meeting on Monday, May 25 at 6:00 p.m.  These are awards that would have been given out at the concert.  I will email and post on my web page the zoom info and password next week.
    • Breezin- 1 drill
    • Smart music- Assignments will be listed in smart music under assignments.  These will take some practicing.  Practice the song before submitting.  Those students without instruments or smart music will write a 2 page report on the different types of guitar strings.  Email it to me so you can get credit.  Don't copy and paste.  Put it in your own words.


    Assignments due 5/13 Wed.

    •  1 drill from Breezin.  I will be checking to see that you have increased by at least 1 drill from last week.
    • Smart music- 2 assignments under the assignments in smart music.  Those without smart music or instrument email me the trainers that you worked on in 8 notes.com to receive credit.

    Assignments due 5/6 Wed.

    • 1 drill due from Breezin.  I will be checking to see that your drill number increases by at least 1 each week.
    • Smart music- 2 assignments listed.  Those without smart music do a short video or audio recording of you playing #61 12 bar rock on page 34 of the Essential Elements guitar book we use in class.  Those without instruments should practice at least 15 minutes on 8notes.com trainers. Email me what you did on 8notes to receive credit.
    • Read the article on history of guitar Click here for article.  Send me an email listing 3 things you learned from the article.

    Assignments due 4/29 Wed. 

    • Breezin- 1 drill. Make sure you log into breezin each week for roll and do at least 1 drill.  I will be checking to see that your drill number increases each week. 
    • Smart Music- Practice for 30 minutes in smart music. You can practice the song you chose or from any method book for guitar.  I will be checking to see your practice minutes.  If you can't do smart music do to your computer, then you are to practice for 30 minutes from your book or any music you find online.  Email me a list of what you practiced.  If you have no instrument, then you are to go to www.8notes.com.  Go to resources/music theory.  Scroll down to the trainers.  Practice the trainers (ex. note trainer, ear trainer, guitar trainer).  Email me a list this week of what you did on 8 notes.
    • Zoom meeting- Friday 4/24 @ 12:30 p.m. Check your email for invite.

    Assignments due 4/22 Wednesday-

    • Breezin thru theory- Submit one drill.  If you have trouble go back to the lessons.  Make sure you log into Breezin each week by Wednesday as that is how I will take roll.
    • Smart Music- Find a solo or song in a method book to practice.  Email me the title and where you found it. Practice it as it will be an assignment later.
    • You were asked last week to watch a video and email me a list of ideas you thought you could do.  Very few of you did this.  This week you are to complete one of those ideas and email me which on you did.

    Assignments due 4/15 Wednesday 

    • Breezin thru theory- If you missed any drills go back to the earliest one and do it.  Continue to make up all the missed drills.  If you kept up with it, then just continue on where you left off.  Remember 1 drill must be done each week.  You must log into Breezin each week so I can take attendance and see if you are doing your work.
    • Smart Music- #11 See smart music for your assignment.  Email me if you should have any problems.
    • Watch this video- https://www.conn-selmer.com/en-us/resources/videos/educational-videos/special-message-to-students-from-tim-lautzenhesier  After watching the video, make a list of some of the ideas you would like to do.  Email me the list.  You will be asked to complete some of these ideas later.

    Assignments due 4/8 Wednesday 

    • Breezin thru theory- The log in info is listed below.  You will need to complete one drill per week.  You must go through the lessons first before doing the drills.  If you have never done Breezin or missed a drill, go back to the earliest one and start there.  If you have been keeping up with it, the you should be on chapter 4-3a.   
    • We will also be using Smart Music.  For Smart Music go to https://admin.smartmusic.com/join.  Put in the code for guitar- RJ73E-ENM2W.  You may have to create an account.  You will have to wait for me to approve you before you get the email or your assignment.  Don't submit until you have the grade you want in the gradebook. You will have one assignment each week.     


    Guitar is a one year course offered to students wanting to learn to read music and play acoustic guitar.  Some after school performances are required and students should own their own guitar and book.  Different techniques from chording, finger picking, and melody playing will be taught as well as reading music on the staff and tablature.

    Breezin' thru music theory is a computer based program that will be used to enhance the learning of music theory.  Subscription for each student has been paid.  Students can access the program with computer, tablet or cell phone.  Grades will be taken from certain assignments.


    username: libertymsfl

    password: largo 4795

     Here are some useful items for the school year:

    Guitar shirt form

    Guitar rules and requirements

    Remind app- To sign up for guitar remind app enter 81010 text @efdkg7 

    Email Ms. Koehn -leslie.koehn@marion.k12.fl.us

    Book that we will use: guitar book picture