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    While doing homework, if you get stuck try using the “Question Help” link located in the upper right corner of the page.  The help provided is:

    Help Me Solve This-The computer will ask you intermediate questions that lead to solving the exact question you were assigned. The down side is it does not credit you with completing the problem.

    View An Example-The computer will walk you through the steps required to solve the problem but with different numbers. This is the best feature to understand what to do because you can see what they did and apply it to your numbers.

    Video-The video shows you the concepts needed to correctly answer the question.

    Textbook- Opens to the textbook section that reviews the concepts needed to answer the question.

    If you need help or have any questions about distance learning using the e-textbook please let me know. 


    We will be starting were we left off before break.  Continue to work on Chapter(Topic) 8 through your e-textbook.  There is homework as well as quizzes   for 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, 8.5 on you desktop.  I have also included the examples that I would normally do in class for each of the sections.  If you would like me to reset a quiz or for any other questions send me an email at  Timothy.Gehrsitz@marion.k12.fl.us 

















    Please Disregard Information Below 


    Weighting for state mandated End of Course(EOC) exams will be 30% of students final grade and Comprehensive Standards Mastery Assements(CSMAs) will be 20% of students final grade. 

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