Physical Science Course



                                                                      Physical Science Course


    Physical Science is the study of Physics and Chemistry combine. Concepts are taught using an assortment of teaching strategies including the use of scientific inquiry, research, problem solving and experimental procedures. Topics of study are as follows:

    ·         Nature of Science, Properties of Matter, Change in Matter, Forces and Motion, Energy, Waves-Sound & Light

    ·         Science Fair Projects

    ·         Science QSMA- Quarterly Standards Mastery Assessment

    ·         Science FSSA- Florida Statewide Science Assessment

    ·         Projects related to unit material assigned as determined by Mrs. Swift





    Grades are determined as follows:


    50% Quiz/Classwork

    10% Homework






    Points to Remember to Ensure Success


    ·         Stay in your seat, disrupting the class or other students will not be tolerated.

    ·         Respect, cooperation, and courtesy are a necessity in the classroom.

    ·         When working in groups, work cooperatively.

    ·         Raise your hand & wait to be called on before speaking.

    ·         When the 2nd bell rings you must be in your seat & working.

    ·         The bell does not dismiss you, the teacher does.

    ·         Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. (refer to guidelines in Student Handbook)

    ·         Respect school property. DO NOT write on walls, desks, etc. Treat science equipment with care.

    ·         NO Phones, Gum, candy, food & drinks are not permitted in the room unless they are part of an assignment.



    Attendance is Important


    NO EXCUSES FOR LATE WORK! I do not except late work unless you are absent. If you are absent, it is important that you catch up on your work quickly. It is YOUR responsibility to complete assignments when they are due. If the assignment is not completed in the time given, it will be recorded as a zero.   When you return to school:

    1.        Check the Classroom Assignments Calendar & Teacher Website for missing assignments.

    2.        Get any handouts from the Make-Up Folder or Mrs. Swift.

    3.        Check with your partner to make sure you understand all of you work.

    4.        Check with Mrs. Swift to Schedule time to make up any tests or quizzes.



    Classroom Expectations


    Students will follow classroom rules to maintain a safe environment within the classroom. The classroom rules are:

    ·         Do your Best

    ·         Do what’s Right

    ·         Treat others the way you want to be treated




    Excessive disruptions & unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated. The following procedure will be followed to maintain appropriate atmosphere for learning:

    1)        Verbal Warning / CMR

    2)        Time out (Student will be removed from the distracting situation.Student will continue classwork.) Lunch Detention

    3)        Parent Contact (Parent will be contacted by, email, phone, or note home.)

    4)        Administrative Referral




    All Students will receive a lg. white binder from school

    1)       1 subject spiral notebook

    2)       1 folder

    3)       Loose leaf paper 3- hole college Rule


    4)       Paper, Pencils, Blue/Black Pens, Highlighters

    5)       Colored Pencils (NO MARKERS!)

    6)       Red Pen (for correcting work)

    7)       2 Individual rolls of clear tape               (several to be used throughout the year, to be kept in class)

    8)       Tabs (to divide sections of notebook only)



    We Are Avid! 

    Liberty Middle School is an AVID school. AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. That means that the individual is in charge of how far they go in school and in life! 


    We are so excited about learning and motivating students to be all that they can be!!  





    Restroom/Water Breaks


    Any student that needs to use the restroom has to sign out properly before leaving the classroom. If a student needs to use the restroom during class transition, they will need to report to class first to sign out before leaving. Students are encouraged to use the restroom the first 5 or last 5 minutes of class. Students will not be able to leave the classroom for restroom breaks during class instruction. This includes going somewhere other than the restroom. Students with medical issues please send all doctor notes to the school guidance and inform the teachers of your condition. 



    Cheating and Plagiarism Policy


    Students need to complete their own work and will not copy work and identify it as their own. If a student copies from another student on any assignment, then both parties (the copy-er and the copy-ee) will receive a zero for that assignment. Plagiarism is not accepted and will be penalized according to the Student Handbook of Conduct.



    Notebooks, Composition, & Textbook


    All students will be keeping a notebook) that will be used to summarize notes, vocabulary etc. It is the student’s responsibility to keep their notebook organized and up to date. All work completed in this course will be added to the notebook. The notebook is to be kept in their white binder so that work can be added daily. Students may receive daily or weekly grades from their notebook. It is important for students to keep their notebook organized and updated.

    In addition, we are using a consumable textbook known that will be housed in class and sent home if the students need to complete work, reading assignments, homework and study. This textbook is consumable and can be written in but the pages are not to be torn out it is a reference only. If a student loses their textbook it is their responsibility to obtain a new one. It can also be found on their student portal.





    Science Notebooks



    The purpose of your science notebook (SN) is to collect, record, and organize your information in a creative way. Your SN will be your property, and will be your key to success in science class this year. It will contain your notes, handouts, and valuable information concerning material. It will also contain your thoughts, your creativity, and your personality – take care of it!




    Grading Guidelines:


    ·         Your SN will be graded periodically (daily or weekly) for notes, vocabulary, labs, classwork and homework.

    ·         An important part of your SN is its visual appearance. Points will be taken off if work is done in a sloppy manner or if items are only partially completed. Try your best on every assignment!

    ·         You may be allowed to use your SN on some quizzes or tests (keep up with the information, I may not tell you when this will happen!)

    ·         You are responsible for making up any missed information.  

    ·         Students who miss labs must do the alternative assignment (May vary depending on lesson). See Mrs. Swift






    Science Notebooks GUIDELINES:


    Your Student Notebook must contain the following aspects:

    1. 1 subject spiral notebook to be kept in your white binder. Please DO NOT RIP OUT ANY PAGES; you will need all of them!
    2. Have separate loose-leaf paper for those other assignments that require you to turn in daily graded work.
    3. Handouts and other teacher provided pages MUST BE taped in place. If printed on both sides, attach so that both sides can be viewed. Please NO staples. You will need tape.
    4. This Handout Guide will be taped into the front of the notebook after signing by you and your parent(s).
    5. There may be grades periodically (daily, weekly, or quarterly) for notes, vocabulary, labs, tests, classwork and homework.
    6. Staying current with all entries is vital to your success this year in science. If you are absent it is your responsibility to make up any missing work in your notebook.I have read and I understand Mrs. Swift’s classroom policies/procedures. I understand the purpose of the Science Notebook and will try my best to keep my notebook up-to-date and complete. If I fall behind I will quickly seek out assistance from other students and Mrs. Swift.