• This year your child will learn reading, writing, science, social studies and various math skills. 


    We will be building up your child to become life long learners!


    This month we are working on


    • Key details and story structure- characters, setting, plot
    • Rhyming
    • Blend and segment onsets and rimes
    • Segment and blend one syllable words
    • Substitute phonemes
    • Sight Words/High Frequency Words/Trick Words
    • Distinguish between similarly spelled words


    • Shapes 2d/flat and 3d solid
    • Counting to 100 by ones and tens
    • Counting forward from any given number
    • Measurement
    • Sorting by similar properties


    • Plant life cycle
    • Plant parts
    • Animals and their habitats
    • Animals and their babies
    • Real vs. Make believe

    Social Studies

    • American symbols
    • Community Helpers
    • US Currency
    • Needs vs. Wants