Dance registration for the school year 20-21 has begun. Anyone going into the 2nd thru 5th grades must fill out a form requesting either Dance or PE and return it to Christine Deines in the front office. 

    You may find the form on the MSA home page or click on the lick below for a copy. All forms are to be turned in by May 20th. Kinder and 1st grade are automatically enrolled into a semester of each. 

    Dance/PE registration form



    Purpose: Each grade level studies a different genre for the year in an effort to develop a love and appreciation for the diversity and is dance. You can find your child's dance schedule on the gallery page.

    Requirements:  Kindergarten and 1st grades will automatically go to dance for one semester and PE the other semester. 2nd - 5th grades must register for Dance. They have a choice of 1st semester, 2nd semester, or both semesters. Proper dance clothing is required for the class:

    Girls: 1. Leotard with tights and skirt, sweatpants, capri, jazz pants, yoga pants, basketball shorts, etc. (Stay away from Skorts, the shorts are too short by themselves)

    2. Spandex style spaghetti strap shirt with above mentioned forms of pants. No jeans!

    Boys: Athletic style shorts/pants or sweatpants with any shirt. No jeans! (this includes jean shorts with elastic waist)

    Major Activities: Each semester has a performance exam that serves as their final grade for that semester. If the student has chosen 1 semester they will perform in that "Share Show". If they register for both semesters then they will perform in both "Share Shows". Those shows are performed in December and May. You will find them listed in the Dance Calendar.

    Assessments: Dance is a performance based assessment.  Due to the time needed to adequately assess the skills set forth by the Florida Department of Education, performance assessments take place in class throughout the semester. The Share Shows, show cased at the end of each semester, are the final performance assessment for Dance in all grade levels. Since the Share Show is the final performance assessment, attendance is MANDATORY as it is 50% of the overall final grade.  See appropriate grade level web page for specifics.


    Please note: Due to our busy academic school day, students must wear dance attire to school as there is no time for changing clothes. However, students involved in the extended day program are allowed to change once they have checked in with the appropriate care giver.