• SYLLABUS for HOPE Variation #1506320                                                                               


    Course Description: The purpose of this course is to develop and enhance healthy behaviors that influence lifestyle choices that impact the student's health and fitness. Students will combine the learning of principles and background information in a classroom setting with physical application of the knowledge. The course will primarily be split up between 2 to 3 days of classroom covering Health education issues/ topics such as  but are not limited to:

    • Mental/Social Health,
    • Physical Activity,
    • Components of Physical Fitness,
    • Nutrition 
    • Wellness Planning,
    • Diseases and Disorders,
    • Health Advocacy,
    • Personal Fitness & Safety
    • Evaluating &Training for Fitness,
    • BRAZEN (abstinence education  or sexual risk avoidance),
    • CPR/First Aid,
    • Substance Abuse.

     Method of  Class Instruction:  Lecture and discussions are supplemented by reading, writing, small group discussions, projects guest speakers, audiovisual aids, Wellness plan, fitness training &evaluation.

     Phyiscal Education activities will included twice a week instruction that includes but not limited to these physical activities such as:

    • Track it Tuesday ( walk/jog activity)
    • Wellness/ Fintness center ( weight machine and step-cardio activity)
    • Tae Bo video/activities
    • Dumbbell fitness routine
    • Circuit training
    • Elastic band resistance training
    • various other body weight training/calisthenics
    • free choice play game/ activities ( basketball, volleyball, soccer, frisbee and etc.)



     Required Materials:  Students are expected to bring the following items to class each day. 

    • # 2 pencil or dark blue or black ink (No other color ink will be accepted)
    • Duo-tang folder w/ pockets to keep in the classroom.
    • Loose leaf paper
    • West Port PE uniform ($20.00) Please write your full name on the back of your uniform top.
    • Combination Locks* will be provided in order to secure personal items while in PE. Locks will be provided by WPHS but each student is responsible for locking up/securing their own personal items. WPHS is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

     * Lost locks: Students will be placed on school debit list until "replacement value"  of lock at $5.00 is paid.

    West Port’s Expectations  -We are Prompt to Class, Prepared to learn , Polite with fellow students and staff members and Productive individuals as WPHS students while on campus and in society.

    NO FOOD, NO DRINK, NO GUM, NO CANDY, in classroom, gym, or fitness center. A water bottle with a secure top is permitted in the classroom and outside areas.

    Should a student is ABSENT they are personally responsible to obtain missed material through these options:

    • Be present during ALPHA hour time in Coach Hart's classroom to make up  and gather any iformation for a  missed test or assignment.
    • Example Notebook is available in which it can be viewed within the classroom for the assignments that have been given throughout the week.
    • Check my  teacher's website : Calendar to view the prior week's classroom and fitness activities.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed work with 3days after returning from any excused absences.
    • Tests can be made up during the 2nd half of POWER HOUR. 



    Students are expected to complete all assignments ON TIME, attend all classes, participate in class discussions, dress out and participate in all physical activities.

    H.O.P.E course grade will be based on these categories:

    Notebook checks/ logs, and added items =20%
    Dressing out, participation in all activities = 50%

    Test and Projects = 30%

    Students will dress out in the West Port PE uniform and athletic/tennis shoes every Tuesday and every block day.  Each student must dress out and participate in order to pass this class. DO NOT ALTER PE UNIFORMS,  boat shoes, canvas shoes, flip flops, slides, sneaker boots, crocs or any other casual wear shoes will not be allowed.

                    *All students must be ready to dress out after Labor Day.

    If a student is unable to participate in physical activity due to a medical reason, he/she must present a doctor’s note stating the number of days excused.  Dressing out is still required. A note from a parent will excuse a student for one day only. Dressing out is still required. Please see a doctor if more time is needed. 
    Tests, projects, presentations and added items ~ 30%                                                          

    20 % of the course grade is the End Of Course Exam

    (Go to www.cpalms.org to see standards) or the class Web site www.westportwolfpack.org)

    Rev.8-13-14                                                          ~An Equal Opportunity School District~