Welcome to Coach Hart's HOPE class

  • HOPE Class Health Opportunities in Physical Education is a year long required course to graduate High School through the state of Florida. 


    Access assignments in:

    Google Classroom (codes on right)


    My calendar (link on the left)


  • 1st period: ih4mzwj

    2nd period: cyfboj

    3rd period: 534jst7

    4th period: erimvnw

    5th period: rim73ee

    6th period:urnnock

    Please utilize only your school email to access google classroom.

    If you are not successful at accessing Google Classroom you may utilize my weekly assignments on my Teacher website. Please go to the Calendar part of my website for the assignments!

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  • Welcome to West Port's H.O.P.E. (Health Opportunities through Physical Education) 2016 -2017

     The date We will be selling uniforms for $16.00 per set will be announced soon after classes start.

    Uniforms will be sold at the start of P.E. classes within 2 weeks after the start of school.

    Classroom materials will include:

    • One duo-tang folder for this class (about 15 cents)
    • paper
    • highlighter 
    • pencil or pen.

    The folder will be left in the classroom throughout the year in that period's own plastic bin.

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