• Fort King Middle School “The Falcon Band”2019-2020

    Dear Band Parents and Students,
    Welcome back to school! This year presents us with many great opportunities. We
    will continue the tradition of our great band. Last year, we had many great
    Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born in Miami and raised Ocala. I
    graduated from University of Florida, with a bachelor degree in Music. My main
    instrument is the euphonium. My musical background is somewhat diverse. My
    college training included learning every instrument. My first year’s teaching was at
    Lake Weir Middle in 1993, and I am extremely honored to be here at Fort King!
    We have been working diligently over the summer to prepare for a successful year for the
    FALCON band. The primary goal of the FALCON band program is to provide a well-rounded
    music education to every child. This means teaching the fundamentals of music, instrument
    technique, music theory, and music history, with the end musical goal of providing great
    concerts, and preparing our students for the High School Band. Since the ultimate goal of the
    FALCON Band program is to educate the “whole child” concepts such as responsibility,
    discipline, citizenship, and developing character are vitally important.
    The 2019-2020 Band Handbook contains information concerning almost every
    aspect of the organization. It is crucial that all parents and students read and refer
    to this resource. As a member of the FALCON Band Program, you are expected to
    follow all rules and procedures in this handbook. Adhering to this handbook will
    help make the FALCON band program run smoothly and will aid in achieving our
    Please read this handbook, sign the contract in the back, and return it to us by
    Friday, Oct. 4th, 2019. Doing this will account for one of your first nine weeks in
    band! Also, all students are required to complete the FKMS Band Parent Contact
    Form return it to me.
    We are very excited you have chosen to be a part of this great organization.
    Welcome to the Fort King Middle School Band!
    C. Eason
    Craig.Eason@marion.k12.fl.us 352-671-4725

    Band Membership Requirements
    To be a member of the FALCON band program, students must be enrolled in the band class for
    the entire year and participate in all classes, afterschool rehearsals, and events. Students must
    also adhere to the rules and policies stated in the handbook.
    The success of the FALCON band relies on everyone’s participation and hard work. Because of
    this, there are some attendance policies that must be followed.
    Concert/Performance Policies
    • Attendance at all concerts and after school rehearsals is required.
    • Absences must be approved by a director prior to the performance.
    • All excuses, other than emergencies, must be submitted in writing to the director as
    soon as possible.
    • Performances are scheduled months in advance. The yearly calendar can be viewed on
    the school band page. You have a tentative calendar. Transportation/scheduling issues
    (work schedules, doctor’s appointments, etc...) should be dealt with promptly. Notify
    the director as soon as issues arise.
    Concert dates are announced now, so they take priority on your calendar.
    • To earn full credit, every student must stay to the end of the concert.
    Excused Absences
    • Absences at performances are discouraged and are only excused for emergencies and
    other extreme circumstances. All excuses are subject to review by the directors and may
    be rejected if deemed unsuitable. Excused absences include sickness, family emergency,
    other school sponsored events, medical appointments, and other credible excuses. All
    non-emergency excuses must be submitted in writing to the director prior to the event.
    In the event of an absence from a performance a student may be asked to perform their
    concert music individually for a grade (live or recorded) or given an appropriate written

    • Code of Conduct
    All band students are responsible for the reading of and adherence to the Marion County Code
    of Conduct. Here are some straightforward rules about the Falcon Band.
    1. Loud, boisterous behavior (horseplay)is inappropriate at all times.
    2. No Food, gum, or drinks in the band room or buses.
    3. If it is not yours, do not touch it!!!!!!!!
    4. The band room is our home and WE want to keep it clean.
    5. If you student breaks these band rules and/or receives suspensions, that will forfeit their
    Spring Band trip.
    Band Rules will result in the following consequences:
    -Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Ready.
    -Do not talk when a director is talking.
    -Only play your instrument when it is appropriate.
    -No cell phones out during rehearsals.
    - If a student needs to leave the room for any reason, he/she must first ask for permission,
    then sign out, and sign back in upon return to class.
    Failure to Follow Rules and Consequences
    -Verbal/Written warning
    -Contact with parents
    -Office Discipline Referral & sent to office
    -Meeting with parents and administration concerning removal from the band program.
    Rehearsal Guidelines
    -Be on time – early is on time, on time is late, late is unacceptable.
    -Always have a pencil – to mark your music and for assignments
    -Never give up – don’t get frustrated, success is worth the hard work
    -Be prepared – have music prepared and have materials daily.

    I will make sure that the band room is open until at least 4:00 p.m. every day so that
    students can pick up their instruments after school. The band room has instrument
    storage space in lockers. Lock and locker storage will be assigned. Students are strongly
    encouraged to take their instruments home on a daily basis (it makes practicing much
    easier). Any student caught vandalizing instruments or equipment may be referred to
    the police. Mr. Eason and FKMS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR

    Description of Ensembles
    -1st Year Band – The first year is for students with no previous band experience.
    Students will focus on the fundamentals of music and basic technique of playing
    their instrument. All instruments will be chosen in class with the aid of the
    director. First year student will perform two concerts. These students should
    practice no less than 30 minutes per day.
    (Required Materials)
    Instrument Accessories (Dependent on instrument)
    Uniform (See below)
    Essential Elements 2000 Book 1 (for your instrument)
    3-Ring Binder (to organize and keep up with music and assignments)
    10 Transparent sheet protectors.
    -2nd Year Band – This ensemble is generally for students in their 2nd year of band.
    Students will continue to develop basic skills, technique, and musicianship, but
    also start to learn more advanced musical concepts and theory. These students
    should practice no less than 45 minutes per day.
    (Required Materials) All 1st year materials and
    Essential Elements 2000 Book 2 (for your instrument)
    3-Ring Binder (to organize and keep up with music and assignments)
    30 Transparent sheet protectors.
    -3rd Year Band – This group is generally for students in their 3rd year who have
    developed the necessary techniques needed to perform more advanced
    literature. Students will continue to grow their musicianship and technique while
    preparing for the skills needed at the high school level. These students should
    practice no less than 45 minutes per day.
    (Required Materials) All 1st and 2nd year materials (Including Essential Elements 2000 Book 2
    and 3
    Flip Folder (with 10 pages) and 3-Ring Binder (to organize and keep up with music and
    assignments) 30 Transparent sheet protectors.
    Lyre (Specific to your instrument! Take your instrument to the store when you purchase a lyre.)

    FKMS Marching/ Symphonic Band – This band is an advanced
    ensemble consisting of select 2nd and 3rd year band students
    that have displayed an exceptional level of musicianship and
    leadership in their regular band classes. Students that are
    selected to be in this band will have many extra opportunities
    to perform more advanced concert repertoire. This group’s goal
    is to perform high quality concert band music. This group will
    perform at parades, concerts and possibly the Concert
    Performance Assessment in the Spring.

    All District Band
    The Marion County All District Band is open to members of
    the symphonic bands. Audition material and requirements
    can be obtained through the director. Auditions are video
    recorded and submitted by December 1st. Participants from
    all over the county are chosen based on their auditions by a
    qualified judge and will be notified by their director when
    the results become available. Selected students will
    participate in several rehearsals with a guest clinician in
    January over a weekend and will perform a concert at the
    end of the weekend. This experience is extremely beneficial
    to participants. It gives them a chance to perform with other
    students in the county, to learn from another band director,
    to perform music that they would not normally perform, and
    gives them good audition experience. This event is highly

    · Show an interest in the music study of your child.
    · Arrange a regular time for your child to practice.
    · Find a quiet place where he/she can practice without interruption.
    · Listen to performances of practice material, when asked to do so.
    · Come up with a reward system for DAILY practice.
    · Keep the instrument in good repair and keep at least three reeds in the case;
    get a metronome! Or download an app on your phone.
    · Be extra-careful with school-owned instruments. Repair costs are high!
    · Teach your child to be prepared and on time to each rehearsal or lesson.
    · Provide private instruction!
    · Make faithful attendance at all band activities important.
    · Keep the Handbook in a safe place and refer to it often.
    · Notify the teacher if the student is to be absent for rehearsals or lessons.
    · Double-check behind the student to make sure that he/she has his/her

    Most field trips, and all extracurricular activities, are paid for
    by students’ families or through fundraising activities. Music
    students will be involved in approximately two fundraisers
    per year. If you do not wish your child to be involved in
    fundraising, that’s okay. However, as a secondary option to
    fundraising, please consider making a donation to the Fort
    King Music Department.
    In Aug. -Cookie Dough Sale-50% of the total sold by each
    student will go toward their trip account. In Feb.-World
    Finest Chocolate Sale-Each band member is given one case of
    60 candy bars and asked to sell them for $1.00 each. Part of
    the profits will go toward student trip account.

    The FALCON Band not only strives to sound great, but to look great, too. Because of this goal we
    request students to wear a uniform during performances and other special events.
    The uniform consists of for:
    Beginning Band:
    -Falcon Band T-Shirt-(cost TBA) order
    -Black Pants (No Shorts or tights)- (Dress pants with NO marking (No skinny pants or jeans)
    -Plain Black Socks and Shoes
    It is expected that students will do their best to dress in appropriate attire for all
    performances. Appropriate attire for a concert would be: A quality performance
    begins with looking and acting like a professional. Each student needs to make an effort
    to meet these guidelines to the best of their means.
    Marching Band/Concert Band:
    Uniform Cost: $65.00(includes) Jacket Cleaning, shoes, gloves, T-shirt and garment bag.
    Black Socks-full length
    Black Pants- Dress pants with NO marking (No skinny pants or jeans) You will need to provide.
    Solo and Ensemble
    All students are should learn solo or ensemble music throughout the course of the 2nd
    semester. It is our expectation that 7th and 8th grade students will perform their selections at
    the Solo and Ensemble Assessment. Solo and ensemble will be held on Friday/Saturday, (date is

    Private Lessons
    Getting individual instruction is the key to success in music performance. At FKMS we
    STRONGLY encourage students to take private lessons. It is an investment that pays off.
    Students enrolled in private lessons are more likely to make the honor bands.
    These places are local for lessons.
    -First Baptist Church Ocala-629-5683 -Guitar Center-861-4442
    -Parramore Music-732-6776.

    40% Daily Grades (Participation, bringing instrument, music and other materials)
    25% Playing Quizzes (Recordings and Live Playing)
    10% Written Assessments
    25% Concert Attendance
    Band is a hands-on learning activity. We consider daily classroom work and performance as the
    vehicles through which learning takes place. It is for this reason that we absolutely insist upon
    each student’s daily participation. Satisfactory classroom participation, playing and written
    assignments, and preparedness (having all materials-reeds, music, instrument, pencil, books,
    accessories, etc...) make up 40% of a student’s grade.
    Band is unique in that it is assessed in multiple ways. Ten percent of a student’s grade comes
    from traditional written assessments. Musical performances cannot be duplicated and are
    considered major tests. Therefore, concert attendance accounts for twenty-five percent of a
    student's grade. Attendance at ALL performances is mandatory. The concert attendance grade
    is either pass or fail: a 100 (A) or a 0 (F). Only in extreme circumstances will students be allowed
    to make up performance grades. This will be done through appropriate assignments such as
    performing/recording concert music individually or completing a written assignment.
    Our last component to our grading system is our regular playing quizzes. Some playing quizzes
    will be during class.