• Instructor:            Mr. Dennis Keip

    Classroom:          Building 4, Room 210

    Phone:                   352-291-7930 extension 50701

    Website:               Google - Liberty Middle School Homepage – highlight, Faculty and Staff, click- faculty directory.

    E-Mail:                   dennis.keip@marion.K12.fl.us


    Expectations that will result in your success:

                    Do Your Best

                    Do What's Right

                    Treat Others the way You Want to be Treated



                    First Semester:

    Nature of Science

    Atmosphere and Weather

    Earth’s Structures and Changes Over Time


    Second Semester:

    Plate Tectonics





    Students will receive a text that is a combination of textbook and workbook rolled into one. Students are encouraged to manipulate, highlight, or organize as they see fit to facilitate learning.


    The following materials must be brought to class and will be kept in class:

    A 1” wide three-ringed binder with pockets.

    A spiral notebook with 3 holes to fit in binder (and/or 3-hole lined fill paper).

    A pencil pouch with 3 holes to fit in binder.

    At least 10 pencils.

    Index cards 3x 5


    Grading Scale:

                    The following grade scale is based on a 0% to 100% achievement scale.

                    A = 100-90

                    B = 89-80

                    C = 79-70

                    D = 69-60

                    F = 59 and below.


    Grade Calculations:

                    The core curriculum grades are computed as follows:

    Classwork/Participation/Quizzes, and FCA’s




    Tests/ Projects/ Presentations



    Class Work: All class work must be completed in class. If more time is needed to complete the class work, it may be completed at home, but it is the student’s responsibility to hand it in by the due date.


    Quizzes: All quizzes and test will be posted on the classroom website as well as written in the student planner. Most tests and quizzes will happen on block day.


    Tests:   There are 4 QSMA (Quarterly Standard Mastery Assessment) tests and unit tests. The quarterly, semester, and final exams will be cumulative, so keep all notes, classwork, and text pages, for the entire year.


    Participation: Participation is required from all students. Students should offer opinions and ideas so that others may learn from them. Students must be prepared to participate, bring your own pencil and paper.




    Homework: Review, review, review your materials daily. Reviewing content is the student’s everyday homework assignment. Therefore, if there is no official homework assignment, students are required to review all science materials that have been previously covered. Homework will be given at least once a week. The due date will be on Monday. New home work will be assigned on Monday also.




    Entering the classroom—Students should enter the classroom silently in a mature manner. Each student must be in the classroom and sitting in a seat by the time the tardy bell has finished ringing, or will be counted as tardy. Students should begin bell work as soon as they are seated and ready. Bell work will usually be a sample test question and should be recorded in the science journal (binder) and saved for future study.


    Tardy —When a student is tardy, it will be recorded, if a student is tardy three times in a semester parents will receive a       phone call and if they are tardy a 4th time, they will have ISS (In School Suspension).


    Participating in Discussions—Please. Be considerate and allow others to speak. Raise a hand and wait until called on before speaking.

    Turning in homework—Place in the appropriate drawer at the entrance of the classroom any time on or before the due date, which is block day.

    Asking questions—Raise a hand before asking a question; wait for the teacher to call on you before speaking.

    Absences—In the event that a student is absent, the student will need to make up any missed work. When you return to class after your absence, it is your responsibility to see me at the end of class and discuss what you need to make up and how you will do it. If you know you will be absent ask for the work you will miss.

    Grooming- No grooming in class at any time.

    Gum- No gum chewing allowed in the classroom at any time.

    Cell phones- Cell phones are NOT allowed to be on or visible in class unless instructed by the teacher.

    Water- Students may bring water to class in a bottle or container. Students will not be allowed to leave the classroom to get a drink of water or to refill their bottles.

    Dismissal—Remain in your seat even if the bell rings, the teacher dismisses students.

    Clean up- Five minutes before the final bell students will be allowed time to put away their books and binders and to clean  up trash on the floor and to straighten tables and chairs.

    Restrooms--use the restroom only if there is a real need and only five minutes after class begins and five minutes before class ends. Keep the restroom clean! The condition of the restroom will be checked and you will be held responsible. Pencils or any other writing materials and electronic devices are not allowed in the restroom. Sign out using the restroom log. Make sure writing is legible. Include your name and the correct time.


    Dear Parent or Guardian,


    Check the website for this class for test dates, homework assignments and classroom activity. Throughout the year I may be contacting you for various reasons, sometimes those reasons may be positive informing you how well your child is doing. If you need to contact me please feel free to leave a message at 352-291-7930 ext. 50701. You may also e-mail me at dennis.keip@marion.k12.fl.us . Please contact me with any questions or comments you have regarding the syllabus, class in general, or your child.