ENC 1101 Course Information

  • All Early College students need to use Canvas on the College of Central Florida portal for all assignments and course information.


    Course information:


    This course offers a process-oriented practice in writing (prewriting, drafting, revising and editing texts), reading, listening, and speaking. During this course, students will explore and concrete their self–awareness through language. They will indulge in writing as a cognitive and social process through collaborative learning and share many of their ideas by presenting or responding to postings by their peers

    At the end of this course, students will have written four different types of essays as prescribed in our reader; additionally, they will provide responses to post by their peers following the guidelines established in this syllabus. 

    Effective responses:

    There will be a question or idea from your professor weekly. Students will provide a three-paragraph response to the prompt in which they should provide some degree of analyses and evaluation of the topic. It will be important to cite from some sources through quotation or paraphrasing to lend credibility to your argument. Example: Chris O. Akpan “Ambivalence of human existential situation” mentions the following: “Man, in spite of his rationality often tend to do things that also negate the interest he at the same time attempts to conserve” (p. 1). A quote done this way makes your response more worthy and academic.

    When responding to post by peers, please use complete paragraphs. A one word or phrase will not provide you with a score.  Your response must be at least one paragraph that supports your reaction.


    Grading: 100% of your final grade corresponds to your performances in the four areas:

     Essays                                                35%

    Participation or responses                   50%

    Final                                                    15%

    Postings 1: In this course, you will notice that there are three (3) kinds of posting that you are required to do. The first correspond to those posts labeled “Comprehension Post.” These correspond to the act or reading the assigned chapter and responding to the questions posed; it is necessary to remember that you should type the questions before responding to them, and, that two peers should have acknowledged such a post by responding to it. 

    Posting 2:  “Discussion Posts” should provide continuous practice to develop writing skills. They should be at least three paragraphs long and follow the conventions of good writing.  I am expecting two of your peers to make comments on your ideas

    Important to remember: You will have an assignment every week. Posting 1 and 2 must be done during the first three days of the week (Monday through Wednesday). In this way, you will guarantee feedback from your peers. If you do not post during the first three days of the week, you will lose a 10% of grade-average per day. Additionally, post that are late and without peer-responses will lose an additional 20%.

     Post to Turnitin:   This post corresponds to your essay writings. The syllabus allows you to  know when they are due and where. As named, students will turn each one in to Turnitin on Canvas and not as a comprehension or discussion post. Students. Please make sure that you have the Canvas icon, and that it is working.