• Course Description:

    This course is designed to enable students to develop reasoning and problem-solving skills as they study topics such as congruence, similarity, apply properties of lines, triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles. In addition, to help students prepare for standardized tests while satisfying the Common Core Curriculum. Students will acquire and demonstrate knowledge of concepts of the course listed in the description. Students will develop critical thinking and decision-making skills by connecting concepts to practical real world applications.

    Directions for MCPS On-line:

    Class communication and most work will be posted via Microsoft Teams; it will be our Learning Management System (LMS) for the year. Teams allows us to video teach, chat, post assignments, class notes, videos, etc.

    Steps to get to Teams:

    -Log on to your MCPS Portal/Desktop.

    - Click on the Office 365 tile (Office 365 gives all MCPS students’ access to Teams, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)

    -Select Teams (reference graphic below)


    -Your classes will be loaded into Teams.

    -Make sure you are on Teams at the start time for each class (see times below).

          6 Period Day                             Block Day

    Monday-Wednesday                   Thursday/Friday

    Period 1 9:12-10:05                    Period 1 / 2  9:12-10:51

    Period 2 10:09-11:02                  Period 3 / 4 10:55-12:34

    Period 3 11:06- 11:59                 ALPHA Time 12:34-1:24

    ALPHA Time 11:59-12:49            SIT      1:28-1:57

    Period 4 12:49-1:46                    Period 5 / 6 2:01- 3:40

    Period 5 1:50-2:43                                                                                          

    Period 6 2:47-3:40                                                                                         

    -If you have any questions please email me at

Last Modified on August 14, 2020