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  • 3/30: I had my first zoom session with a few students and it went great!  Thank you to those who participated and helped me work out the kinks.  I will be posting videos to your canvas.  Please watch the videos, work through the related problems, and then do your assigned homework.  This week we will finish 8.1 and start 8.2.  I have a short video of 8.1 on canvas already and will work on getting a video of 8.2 completed and posted by Wednesday.  


    3/29: Pearson is having difficulties.  I moved your MyMathLab assignment to be due on Wednesday 4/1.  I plan to have a small zoom session tomorrow to try it out and to help with any difficulties you guys are having with understanding chapter 7, early afternoon: email me if you are interested.  


    3/26: High school classes will have their first day of virtual learning on 4/1!  This is slight discrepency in the high school and college schedules, as CF resumes on Monday.  Check canvas for the 8.1 module and complete the 8.1 module by 4/2.  If it takes more than two hours or so to complete, please let me know so I can adjust my plans.  I will be preparing an 8.2 module as well that I plan to start on 4/3.  I will adjust the MyMathLab dates according to what we cover.  I will also adjust the time for our third midterm if necessary.  The college has arranged for online proctoring.  Once you are more familiar with hypothesis testing, I plan to come up with a hypothesis testing project for you all where you will come up with a draft and I will help you complete a hypothesis test so that I can give more individualized feedback even though we are far apart.  Here are your charts


    3/23: more updates: I have both periods on canvas and I have uploaded my first video (sorry it's blurry, I'll work on that)!  You can find my video, a khan academy video, and some practice from khan academy under modules, chapter 8.1.  I will expect you to watch my videos, follow along with the notes, and do your mymathlab homework.  Class resumes on 3/30.  I estimate the canvas for 8.1 to take about an hour and a half and I recommend splitting it into 2 sessions at least.  I hope to finish 8.1 and perhaps even start 8.2 in our first week of online learning, but I will be flexible as always, especially as this is a new situation for everyone!  


    3/23: more updates: CF math department plans to be online for the rest of the semester.  I'm not sure how that will work for you dual enrollment students if high schools come back to campus.  Look for an email from me today or tomorrow with information on how we will be proceeding online.  


    3/23: I am learning zoom and canvas.  If you need help getting on canvas or zoom, please send me an email and I will try to help, possibly having a zoom meeting about getting onto canvas, or just having an experimental zoom meeting.  I have published 5th period on canvas and will publish 6th period soon.  I'm working on adding media resources as homework assignments through mymathlab, but don't worry about this yet as I'm still working out the kinks.  I will also try to post a trial video to canvas.  


    3/18: Well students, it looks like we will definately be doing online learning starting on March 30th, for both high school and college. I think CF wants us to use canvas for online learning.  I will probably be figuring out how to do that on Monday.  Until then, I will make visible my notes from last year (see the bottom of the smartboard lessons page).  You know how to do everything for hypothesis testing now.  All that remains is putting it all together.  

    3/14 Update. CF announced they are taking a break until March 30th then transitioning to online learning until at least April 12th.  I do not yet know how this affects dual enrollment.  

    Hello students.  3/13 Update.  I will fix any chapter 8 homework to be due after we have covered it.  The 7.3 homework and the chapter 7 quiz will still be due on 3/29 as originally planned.   Feel free to email me at if you have questions.  

    Welcome to Elementary Statistics.  We will have a great time learning statistics this year, and after this course you won't be fooled by advertisers' and activists' misuse of statistics (or maybe you'll go into advertising).  You can find your syllabus here.