Pre-Order your YearBook!!

    Price: $75 www.yearbookordercenter.com School Code 2145


    See Mrs Solomon during East Lunch in 5-206 or Ms. Torres during West Lunch in 8-031





     Please make sure that you have signed up for remind to get class updates

    Text 81010 your specific code depending on your peorid

    1. 1st peorid: @31597

    2. 2ed peorid: @de035

    3. 3rd peorid: @dd0ea

    4. 4th peorid: @35219

    5. 5th peorid: @9a829

    6. 6th peorid: @gbc3h


    If you cannot recieve text messages, see Ms. Torres during Power Hour to sign up via Email. Parrents you are encouraged to sign up as well!!



    GRADBASH!!!! Grad Bash will be held on Saturday April 6, 2019. The price for this is $105.00. There are 2 permission slips that you will need - they will be available after Christmas break. See me in January!!!