Speech 1

    Textbook PDF:

    /cms/lib/FL01903465/Centricity/domain/13370/speech book/book.pdf

    Some of the objectives of this speech class are:

         1. To communicate effectively
         2. Assemble and present a speech. To present yourself in a positive manner.
         3. Listening skills
         4. Analyze an audience
         5. Evaluate speeches and speaking techniques

    Materials Needed:
         Course Expectations Materials:
           A. Bring pencil, paper and planner each day.
           B. You will need a notebook. Any type of notebook will work.


         A. I use a point system and assign numerical values to each assignment:
              Speeches 60%,
              Test/Projects 30%
              Classwork/Homework 10% 

         B. Grades are calculated on the basis of the following items: - Speeches - Written examinations Daily work: - Written assignments - Homework grades - Pop quizzes - Class participation.



         A. Support each class member as he or she gives his or her speech.
         B. Be on time! Remember the class tardy policy.
         C. If you are absent on the day on assignment is due, you must have that assignment prepared when you return, or it will be considered late.
         D. A late speech looses ten points for each day it is late. Late daily work is a zero.
         E. Pop quizzes will be given from time to time. Keep up with any reading assignments.
         F. The teacher dismisses class; not the bell.
         G. Be responsible and considerate! Respect yourself and others.