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Welcome parents & students to Mrs. Martin's Health Science Website! Here on my page you will find all resources that you need for student success. Please don't hesitate to email me for anything! Go TIGERS!

  • Mrs Martin's email melanie.martin@marion.k12.fl.us

     Class Schedules: 

    Period 1: Allied Health Assisting III

    Period 2: Medical Skills & Services

    Period 3: Health Science I- Anatomy & Physiology

    Period 4: Medical Skills & Services

    Period 5: Health Science I- Anatomy & Physiology

    Period 6: Health Science II Foundations 

     ***All SENIORS that are enrolled in my Period 1-Allied Health Assisting III course are required to be an active member in H.O.S.A. as it is a part of the course expectations & standards.***

    Mrs. Martin's room is available for make up work and/or tutoring during the ENTIRE HOUR of Power Hour Monday through Friday. That is FIVE (5) hours that my students have available to come see me. So, it is their responsibility to utilize Power Hour properly & responsibly. During my Power Hour I call it a "working lunch". I allow my students to eat in my room as long as they clean up after themselves. Then, they have my laptops available to them to work on missing work, projects, etc.  


     Interested in the Health Occupations Program? Listed below are the sequence of the courses in order for student to become a program completer. 

    Course 1 - Medical Skills and Services  (some Middle Schools offer this to 8th grade students- If so, the 9th grader could begin Course 2 Freshman year.
    Course 2 - Health Science I- Anatomy & Physiology.  The course Anatomy and  Physiology may be substituted for Health Science I Anatomy & Physiology.
    Course 3 - Health Science Foundations (previously referred to as Health Science II).
    Course 4 - Allied Health Assisting III

  • Did you know that if you are a course completer with Health Science you are eligible to apply for scholarships? It's TRUE! 


    What makes the student a course completer? 

    Student has successfully completed the following: 

    Health Science I- Anatomy & Physiology

    Health Science II Foundations

    Allied Health Assisting III


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  • "I attribute my success to this - I never gave or took any excuse."

    -Florence Nightingale 

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