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  • Mrs Martin's email melanie.martin@marion.k12.fl.us

    DHS Phone: 352-465-6745    Extension #58281

     Class Schedules: 

    Period 1: Allied Health Assisting III- SENIORS *

    Period 2: Health Science Foundations- JUNIORS*

    Period 3: Medical Skills & Services

    Period 4: Medical Skills & Services

    Period 5: Health Science Foundations- JUNIORS*

    Period 6: Health Science I- Anatomy & Physiology

     ***All SENIORS that are enrolled in my Period 1-Allied Health Assisting III course are REQUIRED to be an active member in H.O.S.A. as it is a part of the course expectations & standards.***

    Grading Procedures


    Notebook checks/ writing assignments……………………………10%

    Daily Classwork and/or Participation/ Quizzes……………….30%

    Tests/ Projects/ Presentations/ Labs………………………….50%


    • Make up work must be requested within 48 hours of excused absences.
    • Tests and Quizzes can be made up at the discretion of Mrs. Martin with valid excused absence—see below regarding office hours and P.A.W. Time.
    • Late work is accepted for partial credit. More time that passes deducts major points.
    • Per Semester Extra Credit may be offered to go toward student’s lowest Quiz grade.

    Office Hours:

    Mrs. Martin's room is available for make-up work BEFORE school-8:30a.m. to 9 a.m. OR after school day ends 3:45p.m.-4:15 p.m. by appointment only. It is ALSO the responsibility of the student to utilize P.A.W. Time to make up work-- offered on Thursdays & Fridays for 40 minutes of allotted work time.



    W-ork Time

    The expectation of P.A.W. time will be:  The student must come see me Monday-Wednesday AND NO LATER than Thursday morning to retrieve a P.A.W. Pass. If the P.A.W. Pass is not planned ahead of time the student will not be permitted to leave their P.A.W. teacher's classroom to come to my room on that Thursday or Friday. THIS MUST BE PLANNED AHEAD OF TIME.

    How the P.A.W. PASS WORKS: The student will show the P.A.W. Pass to their P.A.W. Time teacher and will then be released to report to my classroom for tutoring/make-up work. When the student reports to my class I will then collect their P.A.W. Pass & keep for safe record keeping as well as the student will sign in on the log sheet for documentation purposes.  


     Interested in the Health Occupations Program? Listed below are the sequence of the courses in order for student to become a program completer. 

    Course 1 - Medical Skills and Services  (some Middle Schools offer this to 8th grade students. This is intruductory course not part of the THREE PROGRAM COURSES. 
    Course 2 - Health Science I- Anatomy & Physiology.  The course Anatomy and  Physiology may be substituted for Health Science I Anatomy & Physiology.
    Course 3 - Health Science Foundations (previously referred to as Health Science II).
    Course 4 - Allied Health Assisting III

  • Did you know that if you are a course completer in the Health Occupations program that you are eligible to apply for scholarships and eligible for industry certifications? It's TRUE! 

    What makes the student a course completer? 

    Student has successfully completed the following: 

    Health Science I- Anatomy & Physiology

    Health Science II Foundations

    Allied Health Assisting III


    Medical Society Scholarship application is offered ONLY to the students that have successfully completed the above courses with a 3.0 GPA or higher. 

    Medical Society Scholarship Application & Information to Students 

    Students that have successfully scored a 75% or higher on the C.M.A.A. (Certified Medical Administrative Assistant) Practice Exam are eligible to sit for their industry certification testing starting in their Junior year in Health Science Foundations (Health Science II) course. If they are not successful as a junior they will be eligible to retake their senior year in Allied Health Assisting III course. 



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  • "I attribute my success to this - I never gave or took any excuse."

    -Florence Nightingale 

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