1st 9 weeks Assignments-

    •8/14- Diagnostics- Students will be doing some matching of Literary Terms and writing to show me where their writing is.

    •8/15-8/16-Students will be creating their own Origin Myths after reading a handout. They can be either in pairs or by themselves. They need to be at least 1 page, have a title and at least 1 graphic.

    •8/19- In their textbooks, Historical Background- Students will be reading pgs 3-4. In sequential order, they will be explaining the roles of Spain, England, and France dealing with exploration and settlement in order. 

    •8/20-8/21- Read pages 5-18. Questions on pg 20 1-3;6-8. They will be citing 3-4 dangers that the Puritans faced as well. Citing= (Author’s Last Name page #). 

    •8/22-8/23-- Performance Task #1 on page 20. Students need to include 3 citations AND Quiz #1.

    •8/26- Read 23-31. Students will answer the following questions: 1. Explain how the Dawnland has changed into a habitable place. (Cite 3-4 examples from the text). 2. How did the tribes evolve? (Trade, hunting etc. and Cite 2 examples). 3. Explain what family life was like in comparison to the Europeans. (Cite at least 2).

    •8/27 - Read 77-83- Students will be doing the Performance Task on pg 85 citing 2 examples.

    •8/28- Read 109-116. Students will be doing the Collaborative Discussion and cite what the king of England did to the colonists to get them to go to war.

    •8/29-8/30 Read 121-124. Students will be citing links between the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. In addition, they will be creating their own versions (of the Declaration of Independence) in letters of separation between the colonists and England AND Quiz #2.

    •9/3-9/6- Students will be working on rhetorical devices in speeches. They will be finding examples from three different speeches I provide and writing a brief summary of each speech AND Quiz #3.

    •9/9- Read 159-163. Students will document 5-7 things that slaves went through (cite 2) and pg 165 1-3.

    9/10-9/11- Students will be doing a foldable on the story of The Devil and Tom Walker.
    9/12-9/13- Students will be making the 4 box chart like the one on the board, except they will make 2 examples for each of the 4 headings: Sin/Guilt, Sorrow/Mourning, Isolation, and Mystery and one example for each needs to be cited. AND Quiz #4.
    9/16-9/18- The Fall of the House of Usher Stations. (you will have to get the prompts from me)
    9/19-9/20- Students will be use SIFT to analyze the poem The Raven from the packet.   S- SYMBOL/SUBJECT, I- IMAGERY, F-FIGURE(S) OF SPEECH, T- TONE/THEME AND QUIZ #5.
    9/24- Test on the Minister’s Black Veil, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Raven, and The Devil and Tom Walker.
    9/26-9/27-Students will be copying the chart on the board and using the poems on pgs. 175-183 to guide them. Chart- one side says cited passage and the other says insight gained. Make sure you have 3 examples/answers for each.
    9/30-10/1- Students will be reading 199-203. The will be creating 2 different poems.  Both need to have at least 1 figure of speech (simile, metaphor, onomatopoeia etc.). They need to have be at least 8 lines long, make sense, and have at least 4 words in a line. For one of their poems, they need to label the rhyme scheme that they have created.
    10/2-HMWK #1 Based on the Gothic Literature stories we have read, write an essay using 2 works and at least 3 citations about what qualifies a piece of Literature as Gothic.
    10/2-10/7- Gothic Literature Stories- needs to be at least 2 and ½ pages, 1 graphic, 3 elements of gothic literature (think BACK to The Fall of the House of Usher), 2 figures of speech, and 3-4 characters.
    10/8-10/9- Students will be reading 207-216 and summarizing ALL of the sections. Then, they are going to explain how Thoreau values Nature including 1 citation.
    10/10-10/11- ALL in 1 WB (you will have to get from me) AND Quiz #6.