• Note: When you cite, or add citations, “whatever it is you steal goes in quotes” (Author’s last name only #of the page).  For example, “Don’t plagiarize” (Brown 205).   

    4th 9 weeks 


    • 4/26= Students will read 373-378 The Lowest Animal. Students will answer questions 4-6 on pg. 380. Also, cite what he says a man is and explain.  


    • 4/27= Students will read 395-397, Story of an Hour. They will do both of the performance tasks on 399 in DETAIL with 1 citation for each. 


    • 428-4/30= Students will be reading a Handout: A Rose for Emily. Students will summarize the 5 sections separately, NOT as a whole and make a chart. In the chart, it will have 3 topics: conflict, who vs. who/what, and resolution. Each topic will have to have two examples. Complete the oral QUIZ #22. 


    • 5/3-5/5= Students will be reading a Handout The Life you Save May be you Own . Students will create a chart on the following characters: Mrs. Lucynell Crater and Mr. Shiftlet with the following topics: goal or obsession and actions undertaken. Both need to have 1 citation included. THEN, explain the irony of what Mr. Shiftlet states at the end of the story- “Oh Lord!” he prayed. “Break forth and wash the slime from this earth!” (O’Connor 1023).  


    • 5/6-5/7= Students will be reading a Handout: A Worn Path   Students will be creating a t-chart where one side states the obstacle and the other is how Phoenix responds/overcomes said obstacle. Each side should have 4 responses. IN ADDITION, they need to answer these questions with 1 citation: 1. Explain the importance of Jackson’s trip. 2. Why does the name Phoenix fit her? Complete the oral QUIZ #23 


    • 5/10-5/11= Students will be reading a Handout: Langston Hughes Poetry. 

                  They will make a chart that has three topics: Racial Identity, Pride, and Perseverance. They will have an example from ALL four of the poems in ALL of the topic with 1 cite for EACH of the 3 topics.   


    • 5/12 = Story Cover- Students will be creatin a story cover for one of the works we read this year. 

      -on the front page—title page and picture 

      -front inside—summary and about 2 characters 

      -back inside—3 drawings that symbolize the story. 

      -back—about the author and 2 reviews 


    • 5/13-5/14= Students will be reading a Handout: Dust Tracks on the Road. Students will be answering the (attached on the handout) questions from the story. Complete the Oral QUIZ #24 


    • 5/17-5/18= Students will be reading a Handout: Everyday Use    Students will be answering the following questions in a paragraph each: 1. Explain how heritage plays a role in the story. Cite 2 examples. 2. How can language “define” you as a person? 3. How can the family be seen as divided? (Hint: Maggie and Dee) Make sure to be detailed!!! 


    • 5/19= Students will be reading a Handout: The Feather Pillow. Students are to SIFT the story. S= Subject/summary, I=Imagery (what you can picture yourself- find 2), F= Figures of speech (2 and specify with the example), T=Tone and explain with cited example