4th 9 weeks  

    • 3/25= Collaborative Discussion pg 355.  Then, students will compare and contrast the 2 works- citing 2 examples. This is from the reading 351; 352-355; 359-362.  
    • 3/27= Food Industry Comparison to Modern Day prompt 
    • 3/28-3/29= Students will answer questions 4-6 on pg 380 that correspond to the work on 373-378. Also, cite what he says man is and explain AND Quiz#21. 
    • 4/1= Students will be describing the tenements from the work on pg 383-390 (cite 2).  

     -List 2 images, explain how people felt.  

    - What are some of the hazards/dangers of living in these conditions? 

    • 4/2-4/3= Students will be reading a packet and then they will summarize the 5 sections, fill out a chart.  
    • 4/4-4/5= Flashback chart- (Packet)- Students will Explain  2 flashbacks and their importance to the story AND Granny Weatherall. CITE THE FLASHBACKS!!!  AND In 8-10 sentences- (2 can be the citations) -Explain how families have changed since the early 1800s. Include 2 citations AND Quiz 22. 
    • 4/8= Performance Task #1 AND #2 page 399 from the story 395-397. 
    • 4/9=Obstacle Chart (Packet) - Students will be creating a t-chart where one side states the obstacle and the other is how Phoenix responds. Each side has 4 slots to fill. In addition, they need to answer these questions: 1. Explain the importance of Phoenix Jackson's trip. 2. Why does the name Phoenix fit her? 
    • 4/10=287 Chart from the All in 1 WB. This will be based on the packet story.   
    • 4/18= RESEARCH NOTES- Notes on the topics for the papers students have been assigned. 
    • 4/25-4/26= (DUE THEIR BLOCK DAY) Rough Draft- Students will be graded by what they have for their PAPERS. 
    • 5/7=Final Draft- Students will be submitting PAPERS by hand or email at the end of the period. 
    • 5/8=908 Chart- Students will read 896-900; 902-907 (packet). Students will do the chart (#5) on 908. 
    • 5/9-5/10= Social Context Students will read 929-936 (Packet). Students will be answering the questions at the end of the story and cite 2 examples of details from the time period with explanations about the attitude it reveals AND Quiz #23. 
    • 5/13-5/14= Story Cover- Students will be creating a story cover for one of the works we did this year.  

    On the front page- title page and picture.  

    front inside- summary and about 2 characters.  

    back inside- 3 drawings that symbolize the story.  

    back- about the author and 3 "reviews"- 

    • 5/15-5/17= SIFT for the Feather Pillow- S- Subject, I- imagery, F- Figure of speech, and T- Tone. The story is a handout that I am giving them AND Quiz #24. 
    • Review for CEOC AND Makeups