• Note: When you cite, or add citations, “whatever it is you steal goes in quotes” (Author’s last name only #of the page).  For example, “Don’t plagiarize” (Brown 205). 

    3rd 9 weeks 

    • 1/19- 1/22- New exploration Project-Students will be reading a packet and then doing the following:  

                          Read Heading west  

    -Explain why the colts were heading west. Include 2 citations 

    -List and explain 5 conflicts in detail with at least 1 citation. 

    -Create your own version of what would be similar to what this group went through adding in at least 2 citations. Your journals need to be at least 4 entries with each being a  ½ page. 

                     Read Chief Joseph’s speech 

    -What makes this so powerful/moving? Give 2 examples towards what he personally dealt with? 

     -Explain what happens between his tribe and the U.S Army in detail and cite 1. 


    • 1/25-1/26= Students will read Walden pg. 207-216  and Summarize ALL sections and then explain how Thoreau values nature including 1 citation 


    • 1/27= Students will be filling out a chart based on the Handout of An Account of an Experience with Discrimination.  The chart will have 3 topics: Cited Examples, Tone, Effect where each one will have 2 answers with 1 answer being CITED for each of the 3 topics. 


    • 1/28-1/29= Students will be reading from a Handout: Imagist Poems. They will be creating 2 poems where they pick stationary objects 1= 5-8 lines long, 2= 12-15 lines long with a figure of speech  AND complete oral Quiz #13. 


    • 2/1= Students will be reading Runagate, Runagate and America Transformed 329-330; 317-320. Students will be doing the collaborative discussion on pg 320 and list 5-7 Historical Allusions (think of what is classified as a biblical allusion). 


    • 2/2-2/5= Students will read 331-346, To Build a Fire.  They will be creating a conflict t-chart where one side says conflict type and the other says cited example. There needs to be 2 internal and 2 external. AND complete oral Quiz #14. 


    • 2/8= Civil Rights Background- We will be watching several short documentaries on the Civil Rights to build background knowledge for the novel The Secret Life of Bees. Student will taking notes and writing a response to one in specific. 


    • 2/9-2/11= Start & Continue reading The Secret Life of Bees (SLB).  


    •  2/11-2/12 = Continue reading The Secret Life of Bees (SLB).  Historical Influence- Students will explain in 2 paragraphs (REMEMBER PARAGRAPHS ARE 5-7 SENTENCES) and cite 1 example from the book for each topic: 
    • Pg 9 Why only people of the same ethnicity/race could present their daughters or loved ones at the closing ceremony of the charm school. 
    • Pg 12 The color of one’s skin determines certain roles a person can/can’t do 
    • Pg 27 It’s a big deal for a person of color to register to vote 
    • AND complete oral Quiz #15. 


    Make sure to be reading SLB in the days in between having assignments!!! 


    • 2/17=Continue reading The Secret Life of Bees (SLB). Character Analysis of T.Ray, Lily, or Rosaleen. Students will be picking 2 out of the 3 characters finding 5 examples each of what characterizes them as a person with an explaination. Each will need 2 cites. (Hint: if you say someone is lazy, you need to explain and DO NOT give me any physical descriptions!!) 


    • 2//18-2/19= Continue reading The Secret Life of Bees (SLB).           SLB Ch 1 Topics  

     -Look for 3 Explicit Examples that show the desperation Lily has due to the loss of her mom. CITE ALL & then explain what she feels like and how it shows up in how her life is impacted. (hint: include the lack of communication with others.)  

    -List and Explain in detail how T.Ray is as a father WITH AT LEAST 2 EXAMPLES CITING 1. 

    -Explain 3 EXAMPLES about the issues of segregation in DETAIL CITING 1 

    • AND complete oral Quiz #16. 

    Make sure to be reading SLB in the days in between having assignments!!! 


    • 2/23= HNRS HMWK #2 Students need to find an article on Separate but Equal and write a 3 paragraph response on how it would feel to go through such an ordeal citing 2 things from the article *** The article itself needs to be attached 


    • 2/24= Scavenger Hunt 1 Students will be finding the examples for the designated lit term: pg., 2 biblical allusion, pg. 5 flashback, pg. 7  2 similes, pg. 18 simile, pg. 34 simile and pg. 42 simile. 


    • 2/25-2/26= AND complete oral Quiz #17. 


    Make sure to be reading SLB in the days in between having assignments!!! 

    • 3/2-3/3- SLB ch 1 & 2 topics 
    1. -Examine information about the death of Lily’s mother and analyze its effect on Lily. Discuss with a partner, T.Ray’s account of the death, and explain whether you think Lily is responsible with at least 2 CITES Along with your answer. 

                              -Analyze how Lily reacts to life without her mother and how she copes. (Needs to be at    

                               least 3 sentences with 1 CITE.) 

    1. Analyze the symbolism of Lily’s epiphany, “Lily, Melissa Owens, your jar is open” (pg 41) and its effect on her. (Make sure to include her mixed reactions to leaving home, and note the rationale for her destination).  Your response needs to be at least 1 paragraph with 1 CITE. 
    1. Explain Lily’s loyalty to Rosaleen, including her ingenuity in helping her escape and her  

    concern for her afterwards. Your response needs to be at least 1 paragraph with 1 CITE. 


    • ¾ -3/5= Complete oral Quiz #18 and Ethical Influence Poster- Students will discuss the ethics of the following topics and 1 will be made into a poster. The poster needs to depict either scene and the reasons/justification of the character for his/her actions. Use the book to cite at least 1 piece of info. (Whichever is easier for you to draw, so it looks better, that needs to be what you make the poster on). 

                  - pg. 35 The cop not doing his job.  

                  -pg 44 (Historical and Ethical Influence) Rosaleen “hitting” her head.  


    Make sure to be reading SLB in the days in between having assignments!!! 

    • 3/9= Scavenger Hunt 2  pg 51 simile, pg. 102 onomatopoeia, pg. 110 simile,  pg. 113 historical allusion, pg. 124 2 similes, pg. 126 onomatopoeia, pg. 134 metaphor. 


    • 3/11-3/12= Complete oral Quiz #19 and Historical and Ethical Influence- Students will respond to each topic in at least 2 paragraphs  (paragraphs are 5-7 sentences) and 1 cite each:  

    -pg. 46 Ethical/Historical cop flirting on the job and trying to get Rosaleen to apologize.  

    -pg. 84 Explain how, during this time, it was rare for August to have such a lucrative business.  

    -pg. 88-89 Integration parade, man killed in a drive by. How are these 2 portrayed in our history? Both sides? 


    Make sure to be reading SLB in the days in between having assignments!!! 

    • 3/22= Scavenger Hunt 3 pg. 128  simile, pg. 144 biblical allusion, pg. 147 Simile, pg. 148 metaphor, pg 151 simile. 


    • 3/23-3/24=Written Conversation -Students will role play the one of the scenes from The Secret Life of Bees pages: 35. 96, 156-157, and 178-179.  

    -1/2 of their group is role playing as a racist and the other 1/2 is role playing as a colored person who is expressing their opinions, thoughts, and feelings on the event. These groups are to add detail to their written conversations from the book. 


    • 325= -Quiz #20