Note: When you cite, or add citations, “whatever it is you steal goes in quotes” (Author’s last name only #of the page).  For example, “Don’t plagiarize” (Brown 205). 

    *****Due to last year not being able to TEST at the end of the 4th 9 weeks, some dates may be“off.” 

    2nd 9 weeks Assignments 

    10.26- Students will be working on Vocabulary and Study Guide Questions on the handouts from the Crucible. 

    10/27- Students will be taking The Crucible test. 

    10/28-10/30 Students will be reading a Handout: The Devil and Tom Walker and the doing a Foldable:  

    • Directions- Front- title, author, and pic to symbolize the story, front inside- 10 pieces of info to summarize the story start at beginning and end at the end, back inside- 1 cite + their answer for each 1. How is the forest used to symbolize a link to the devil? 2. Explain how Tom tries to trick the devil. 3. Show 2 examples of how Tom and his wife are miserly/greed. Back- get 3 “reviews” in detail about the story from classmates they write it and about the author.  


    11/2-11/3- Students will read 234-246 The Minister’s Black Veil  

    • Students will create a 4 box chart with 1 cite for each category {chart topics: sin/guilt, sorrow/mourning, mystery, and isolation and 2 examples in each topic} 

    11/4-11/6- Students will be reading a Handout: The Fall of the House of Usher.  

    •  Students will be doing three stations based on the story:  
    1. The Fall of the House of Usher has many themes. The following are for you to choose from: Madness, Family, Isolation, Fear and Identity.                                                                           -Pick 1 and explain FULLY: 1. How is the theme represented in the story and what is the effect to the characters in the story? 2. Find and cite examples with detailed examples. 
    2. You are to draw a scene (TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY) from the story with captions. It should be a scene that either FULLY embodies a theme or is symbolic in nature to the story.  It must have at least 4 boxes, think like a cartoon or comic strip.  
    3. You are to compare answers within your group and make sure that everyone agrees that examples truly fit that element. Then you are to write a brief summary no less than a ¾  pg. You are to add at least 2 cites in your summary. The elements are as follows- Bleak or remote settings, Macabre or violent incidents, Characters in psychological and/or physical torment, Supernatural or otherworldly elements, and Strong language full of dangerous meanings. 
    • AND complete oral Quiz #9. 

    11/10-11/13- Students will be creating their own Gothic LIT Stories with the following criteria: 

    • needs to be at least 2 and ½ pages with having 1 graphic/drawn picture 
    •  3 elements of Gothic LIT (Gothic Lit Elements- Macabre or Violent Incidents, Strong language full of Dangerous meaning, Bleak or remote settings, Supernatural or otherworldly elements, and Character in physical or psychological torment). 
    •  2 figures of speech (simile, metaphor etc.) and 3-4 characters.  
    • AND complete oral Quiz #10 

    11/16- Students will be reading pg 177-183 Whitman’s Poetry 

    •  Students will be creating a chart where one side states CITED insight gained and the other states what they learned from the insight.  HNRS HMWK #2 Based on the Gothic Lit stories we have read, write an essay using 2 works and at least 2 citations (1 from each of the works you chose) about what qualifies a piece as being considered “Gothic.” 

    11/17- Students will be reading a Handout: Catalogue Poetry and then doing the handout worksheet (181 Unit 2 resources). 

    11/18-11/20 Students will be reading pg 199-203 Emily Dickinson’s Poetry AND complete oral Quiz #11. 

    • They will be creating 3 different poems. The poems are to have at least 1 figure of speech (simile, personification etc) each, 
    • be at least 8 lines long, make sense, AND have at least 4 words in a line.  
    • For one of the poems, they need to label the rhyme scheme that they have created. 

    11/30-12/1- Student will be reading a Handout: The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge   

    • Students will be creating a graphic organizer where it has 2 parts: time (past, present) and section events (DETAILED summary) for each of the three sections of the story. 

    12/3-12/4- Students will be reading 285-290 What is the Slave to the Fourth of July?   

    • Students will do the Collab discuss on pg 290 AND complete oral Quiz #12 

    12/7-1/14- Novel Study 

    •  @least 200 page fiction book 
    • Final product is aesthetically pleasing (visually appealing and looks like you spent time on it!), uses proper GRAMMAR & SEMANTICS (word choice) (worth 25 pts.) 

    1st page (worth 25 pts.)  

    -title of book, author’s name, description of setting(s), and character list (description of character/ their role- be thorough). 

    2nd page (worth 25 pts.) NOTE: MAY BE MORE THAN ONE PAGE 

    -reading log (set up by every chapter or every 10-15 pages if there are not any chapters in your book. List/summarize the main events of your story). 

    3rd page (worth 50 pts.) 

    -Pick 4 literary terms, like metaphor, simile, cause/effect…. etc. and then cite 2 examples of each from your novel. 

    4th page (worth 25 pts.) 

    -Interactive vocab list. You need at least 10 and then you need to look up the definitions. 

    5th page (worth 50 pts.) 

    -Pick 1 on these 3: Do a character sketch and then explain the importance of the character to the story, Do a cartoon of a scene from the novel (4 pieces with words and color), or do a rewrite of a part or even a whole chapter of the story that you didn’t really like and explain why you changed what you did.