Note: When you cite, or add citations, “whatever it is you steal goes in quotes” (Author’s last name only #of the page).  For example, “Don’t plagiarize” (Brown 205). 

    *****Due to last year not being able to TEST at the end of the 4th 9 weeks, some dates may be“off.” 

    2nd 9 weeks Assignments 


    11/16- Students will be reading pg 177-183 Whitman’s Poetry 

    •  Students will be creating a chart where one side states CITED insight gained and the other states what they learned from the insight. 

    11/17- Students will be reading a Handout: Catalogue Poetry and then doing the handout Worksheet (181 Unit 2 resources)

    11/18-11/20 Students will be reading pg 199-203 Emily Dickinson’s Poetry AND complete oral Quiz #11. 

    • They will be creating 3 different poems. The poems are to have at least 1 figure of speech (simile, personification etc) each, 
    • be at least 8 lines long, make sense, AND have at least 4 words in a line.  
    • For one of the poems, they need to label the rhyme scheme that they have created. 

    11/30-12/1- Student will be reading a Handout: The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge   

    • Students will be creating a graphic organizer where it has 2 parts: time (past, present) and section events (DETAILED summary) for each of the three sections of the story. 

    12/3-12/4- Students will be reading 285-290 What is the Slave to the Fourth of July?   

    • Students will do the Collab discuss on pg 290 AND complete oral Quiz #12 

    12/7-1/14- Novel Study 

    •  @least 200 page fiction book 
    • Final product is aesthetically pleasing (visually appealing and looks like you spent time on it!), uses proper GRAMMAR & SEMANTICS (word choice) (worth 25 pts.) 

    1st page (worth 25 pts.)  

    -title of book, author’s name, description of setting(s), and character list (description of character/ their role- be thorough). 

    2nd page (worth 25 pts.) NOTE: MAY BE MORE THAN ONE PAGE 

    -reading log (set up by every chapter or every 10-15 pages if there are not any chapters in your book. List/summarize the main events of your story). 

    3rd page (worth 50 pts.) 

    -Pick 4 literary terms, like metaphor, simile, cause/effect…. etc. and then cite 2 examples of each from your novel. 

    4th page (worth 25 pts.) 

    -Interactive vocab list. You need at least 10 and then you need to look up the definitions. 

    5th page (worth 50 pts.) 

    -Pick 1 on these 3: Do a character sketch and then explain the importance of the character to the story, Do a cartoon of a scene from the novel (4 pieces with words and color), or do a rewrite of a part or even a whole chapter of the story that you didn’t really like and explain why you changed what you did.