• Note: When you cite, or add citations, “whatever it is you steal goes in quotes” (Author’s last name only #of the page).  For example, “Don’t plagiarize” (Brown 205). 

    1st 9 weeks Assignments-  


    8/26- Diagnostics- You will be matching Literary Terms and writing to show me your knowledge of each 


    8/27- 8/28 Read the handout on Origin Myths 

    • You will be creating your own Origin Myths after reading. You may pair up or be by yourself. Required: at least 1 page, have a title and at least 1 graphic. 


    9/1-9/2- In the textbook, you will read pgs. 5-18, from Of Plymouth Plantation. 

    • On pg. 20, answer questions 1-3 & 6-8.  
    • From the story, cite 3-4 dangers that the Puritans faced.    


    9/3-9/4—In the textbook on pg. 20: 

    • Complete Performance Task #1. You need to include 3 citations. 
    • AND complete oral Quiz #1.   


    9/8-9/9- In the textbook read pgs.  23-31, Coming of Age in the Dawnland. Answer the following questions:  

    1. Explain how the Dawnland has changed into a habitable place. (Cite 3-4 examples from the text).  
    2. How did the tribes evolve? (Trade, hunting etc. and Cite 2 examples).  
    3. Explain what family life was like in comparison to the Europeans. (Cite at least 2). 


     9/10- 9/11- In the textbook read pgs. 77-83, Balboa. 

    • Students will be completing the Performance Task on page 85 citing 2 examples  
    • AND complete oral Quiz #2. 


    9/14-9/16- In the textbook read pgs. 109-116, A New American Nation & Compare Anchor Texts. 

    • On page 116, complete the Collaborative Discussion and cite what the king of England did to the colonists to get them to go to war.  
    • In the textbook read pgs. 121-124.  

    You will cite links (connections) between the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. In addition, they will be creating their own versions (of the Declaration of Independence) in letters of separation between the colonists and England  


    9/17-9/21- Rhetorical devices. Read the three speeches from the handouts.  

    • Find examples of rhetorical devices used from each speech and write a brief summary of each speech. 
    •  AND complete oral Quiz #3.  


    9/22- In the textbook read pgs. 159-163, A Soldier for the Crown.  

    • From the story, document 5-7 things that slaves went through (eg: physical, emotional, etc…) (cite 2) and do the questions pg 165 1-3.  


    9/23- In the handout, you will read Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God and answer the following questions: 

    1. Identify 2 images of the destructive power of nature and cite 1. 
    2. Explain why/how God is angry and cite 1 and why according to Edwards, the author. 
    3. Find and Cite 2 examples of alliteration. (Honors ONLY) 


    9/24-9/25- Start reading the Crucible Complete oral Quiz #4 


    9/29- Students will continue reading The Crucible. All in 1 workbook 330 

    All in 1 workbook 330 (Act 1) Answer AND CITE for EACH  

    1. What do you learn about Rev. Parris’s relationship w/ Salem?   
    2. What are Abby’s circumstances? What led her to reside w/her uncle?  
    3. What relationship exists b/t Abby and Proctor?  
    4. What kind of person is Goody Putnam? What makes her this way?  
    5. Why is Mary Warren embarrassed and fearful when John Proctor enters the room?  


    AND the following question with at least 1 cite each:  

    1. Explain the Putnam family role in the play. (Look to 465-66 and the last narrator paragraph on 472 for help.)  


    10/1-10/2- Continue reading The Crucible. Complete oral Quiz #5. 


    10/6- Continue reading The Crucible. All in 1 workbook 332.  

    You are to fill this out as if you are a reporter for Act 2 of the Crucible. Make sure to add details and cite 1 for every category!! Example of a citation/cite: “Sin, death, and hell if you don’t go to church” (Miller 1152).  You can work with 1 partner unless you lose that privilege!!!! 

    -Who (is involved- LIST ALL)? 



    -What (happened)? 





    -When (did it happen)? 


    -Where (did it happen)? 



    -Why (did it happen)? 





    -How (did it happen)? 


    10/8-10/9- Continue reading The Crucible. Complete oral Quiz #6 


    10/13- Continue reading The Crucible.  

    • Students will be creating their own accusation letter on a “witch” in their “village”. The letter must be written to either Judge Danforth or Hathorne, have at least 2 forms of evidence and ask for some kind of course of action. 


    10/15-10/16- Continue reading The Crucible. 

    •  Crucible conflict chart = t-chart where one side says cited example and the other side is the conflict type and explanation (must have 2 examples of internal conflict and 2 external conflict examples) AND Complete oral Quiz #7 


    10/19- Turn in your Who’s who graphic organizer for the Crucible. Continue reading The Crucible 


    10/20-10/21 - Continue reading The Crucible. 

    •  Students will be creating 2 character profiles that include 2 citations of that character’s wrong doings, a physical description, what their motive would be, a list of their accomplices, and a picture of the character AND Complete oral Quiz #8.