4th 9 weeks assignments

    3/19-3/20= Flashback chart- (Packet)- Students will Explain  2 flashbacks and their importance to the story AND Granny Weatherall. CITE THE FLASHBACKS!!!  AND In 8-10 sentences- (2 can be the citations) -Explain how families have changed since the early 1800s. Include 2 citations.
    3/21= Performance Task #1 AND #2 page 399 from the story 395-397 AND Quiz 24.
    3/27= 287 Chart from the All in 1 WB. This will be based on the packet story. 
    4/4 = RESEARCH NOTES- Notes on the topics for the papers students have been assigned.
    4/12  -4/13= (DUE THEIR BLOCK DAY) Rough Draft- Students will be graded by what they have for their PAPERS.
    4/19 - 4/20= (DUE THEIR BLOCK DAY) Final Draft- Students will be submitting PAPERS by hand or email at the end of the period.
    4/23= Obstacle Chart (Packet) - Students will be creating a t-chart where one side states the obstacle and the other is how Phoenix responds. Each side has 4 slots to fill. In addition, they need to answer these questions: 1. Explain the importance of Phoenix Jackson's trip. 2. Why does the name Phoenix fit her?
    4/24= Poem Chart= Students will be making 2 charts with 2 examples each. One is about the human traits and the other city/grass traits. Also, students need to do 869 1-3 (packet).
    4/25= Trapped Cartoon (packet; 888; 889-894)- Students will create a cartoon strip that has 8-10 panels with words and color. Their topics include: -Trapped in a classroom, elevator, insane asylum, or a fish tank.
    4/2 6- 4/27= 908 Chart- Students will read 896-900; 902-907 (packet). Students will do the chart (#5) on 908 and Quiz #25.
    4/30= Social Context Students will read 929-936 (Packet). Students will be creating a t-chart: One side will say it detail and social context, attitude it reveals. Each side had to be have 3 examples with 1 cite on each side.
    5/1= Dialect Chart- students will be making a t-chart where one side states dialect and the other is standard English. Then answer the following 2 questions: 1. Explain how heritage plays a role in the story. Cite 2 examples. 2. How does language “define” you as a person? This is based off of the story on 1311-1320 (packet).
    5/3 -5/4 = Creative Writing Stories- Students will write a 1 ½ pg story using dialect, 2 figures of speech and include 3 characters AND Quiz 26.
    5/8= Story Cover- Students will be creating a story cover for one of the works we did this year.
    - On the front page- title page and picture.

    - front inside- summary and about 2 characters.

    - back inside- 3 drawings that symbolize the story.

    -back- about the author and 3 "reviews".

    5/9- 5/10= Close Reader #4 (for regular and #3 for HNRS) Read 73-82. Students are to do the questions as they read along and then turn in the short response with 2 cites for a grade and Quiz #27.
    5/14 – 5/15= SOAP for the Yellow Wallpaper- S- Subject, O-Occasion, A- Audience, and P-Purpose. The story is a handout that I am giving them
    5/16-5/17= SIFT for the Feather Pillow- S- Subject, I- imagery, F- Figure of speech, and T- Tone. The story is a handout that I am giving them.
    5/18= Quiz #28.