• Assessments:

    Students' grades will be determined by the following:

    1. Classwork & Quizzes                                                              45%

    2. Homework                                                                            10%
    3. Projects, Tests, & Presentations                                              45%


    Classroom Rules: Students must obey all  BMS rules as well as the following classroom rules.

    1. Remain seated during class unless given permission to move around the room.

    2. Give your Full Attention when directions and instruction are given.

    3. Follow all instructions the first time they are given

    4. No talking during instruction time.


    1. Be in your seat, prepared, and working quietly when the bell rings.

    2. Come to class prepared by bringing all materials to class (Binder, Folder, Notebook, paper, and planner).

    3. Raise your hand for permission to speak or leave your seat.
    4. Respect, Respect, Respect!


    Consequences result because you choose not to conduct yourself as expected. Please make good choices. You are responsible for the above expectations. If you are unable to make appropriate choices the following steps will be followed:

    Step One: Verbal Warning (Name written on the board)

    Step Two: Second Verbal Warning and reminded of classroom rules. A checkmark will be written next to your name.

    Step Three: A second checkmark will be placed next to your name. Your behavior or the incident will be recorded in your Classroom Management Report.

    • You may also have your seat moved, be placed in timeout, have a short conference with the teacher in the hallway, complete a Panther Break, be sent to the discipline office, receive detention or be assigned silent lunch.

    Step Four: If you currently have 3 Classroom Management Report (CMR) incidents documented you will automatically receive a referral and be sent to discipline when you reach step three.


    Tardy Consequences:

    After THREE unexcused tardies you will be referred to Student Management and they will determine a consequence.

    Grading Scale:

    90-100            A

    80-89               B

    70-79               C

    60-69               D

    0-59                 F


    Classroom Procedures:

    Each minute I have with you is very important therefore the following procedures will be followed every day. At the beginning of class you should place your slingbag under your desk. Please be in your assigned seat with your planner, notebook, and other appropriate materials when you hear the bell. You should be ready to begin the day's activities.

    Dismissal at the end of class- When the classroom is in order and all students are in their seats, I will dismiss you to leave.

    Additional Assistance:

    I am always available to any student or parent requesting additional assistance. Please feel free to email me at: You may also call me at 352-671-6235 Ext. 55075. I am usually available for phone calls after school from 4:00 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. and before school between 8:05 a.m. and 8:45 a.m.