Syllabus and Information

  • Course Description

    This class is designed to give the students a broad overview of A/C Communications and Technology.


    Students will learn terminology, careers, history, required skills, and technology use.  Also, students will have the gain leadership skills, group work, and hands on activities.


    Classroom Expectations

    • Show respect for each other and our learning environment
    • Be ready and prepared to work when the bell rings
    • Always practice safe, careful classroom behavior
    • Always try your best.



    1. Warning
    2. Time Out
    3. Phone Call home & teacher assigned detention
    4. Administrative referral


    Grading Scale                                  Grade Percentages

    • 90-100 A                                    Tests, Projects, Presentations     60%  
    • 89-80   B                                    Classwork & Quizzes                   40%  
    • 79-70   C                                                                                   100%
    • 69-60   D                                 
    • 59-0     F                                    


    Laboratory Procedures

    Technology involves computers to enhance classroom learning.  All Media equipment must be used appropriately to ensure longevity of all materials.  Class grades will be based upon group participation and completion of assigned task.  Work stations must be neat and clean before leaving the classroom, so budget your time wisely.    



    If you are absent, it is the students responsibility to check the website for missed assignments.  If a worksheet was used during the students absence, the student may download and print a copy if there is a PDF available or see the worksheet file next to the in box to retrieve a copy.  Only one copy will be provided for each assignment, please keep any handouts safe and neatly stored. All completed assignments will be turned into the "IN" box.  For every absence the student acquires, two days will be given to complete the assignment.  If the student was present when an assignment was given, but absent on the date the assignment was due, the assignment is due when the student reports to class.  If the student is absent for a test, lab, or a quiz, arrangements must be made to make the test or quiz up before or after school.  


    Late Work

    Work will be taken one day late reduced by 20% of the earned grade.


    Tardy Policy

    You will be marked tardy if you are not in the classroom when the bell rings.


    Cheating and Plagiarism Policy

    Students need to complete their own work and will not copy work and identify it as their own.  If a student copies from another student on any assignment, test, lab, quiz, classwork, or homework both parties (copy-er and the copy-ee) will receive zeros for that assignment, test, lab, quiz, classwork, or homework.


    Plagiarism is not accepted and will be penalized according to the Student Handbook of Conduct.